Identity is to have a name. A name for one’s achievements, one’s disasters, one’s self. But that name comes into existence when one’s self comes into being. When one realizes that the world along with all its blessings is for him, it is not for him to indulge in; rather he would use the world to walk through this valley of menace holding the hand of Goodness. That is when one identifies self, that is when the window to realization opens wide and we witness for ourselves the ultimate reality.
When we turn on the TV to witness fires raging in Kashmir, helpless stones being hurled in Palestine, war torn destitute in Afghanistan, does it dawn on us that those sufferers are our brothers and sisters? That they need to cross this valley how we need to? We have become so engrossed in “my space” and “my life” that we have consigned to oblivion the fact that this is all a mere test. We were sent here for a purpose, and when we seek to fulfill that purpose do we form an identity. Being Muslims, or following any religion revealed divinely, we have been told our purpose of coming to life, and only when we act our roles shall we meet salvation.
So why not finally emancipate ourselves from this mental slavery? Destroy the chains around our minds, hindering them from thinking broadly and justly, so that they can work towards our end and accept the truth in all of its enormity.
This war is ours to win this life is for us to conquer, but for that we need to realize our “self” and stop running after those who do not have the aim we are ordered to have. There was a time when this ummah was at the heights of glory and success because they held the hand of Goodness- of Allah. They had identified themselves, and I think it’s time we relived the good old days.
I have written here and posted my creativity so that maybe I might be able to help the ummah take a couple of strong steps in the forward direction- as we did before. I’ve written on what life means to a young Muslimah in this confusing world.
Peace and Salam to everyone. May God bless us and help us.


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