When tragedy strikes

You think it’ll get better because you want it to. You watched a movie or listened to a song that gave you hope. You ranted to a friend who tried to make it sound not so bleak. But at the end of the day – it does not get better all the time. You won’t make it big and hit the jackpot because you think things are glum right now. You will die a lonely life where the people controlling your life do not give a shit. Because it’s about power not love, power and ego rules it all. And since our system only encourages that ego, it’s safe to say the system is never on your side either. I won’t specify what system I speak of since that could turn things nasty, but if you understand half of my nonsensical post, you just might guess.




This post might not even be coherent but considering I’ve asked a LOT of people I figured I might as well pose the question to you guys.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks nothing makes sense – ideologies, nationalities, history, religion, politics. The fact that each group of people has solid reasons to back its ideas and beliefs not only means they are entitled to believe what they do, but also that other people have to let them be. And I have no problem with that – believe what you want, as long as you’re not harming the world.

But then, who agrees on what harms the world and what doesn’t?

Which brings me to my second issue – our beliefs divide us. We have separated ourselves into sects and factions and staunchly stand by it, usually due to the reason that we were born into it. How many times have wars been fought over the name of the same God? How does that make sense?

If the Hindus have their satti, where women willingly throw themselves, too, Muslims have their animal sacrifices, which is probably as offensive to people who believe the cow is a sacred animal. If a Muslim woman chooses to cover herself in a robe, there will be a woman who finds it offensive to do so. Mixed prayers are applauded yet disgraced.

I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to believe in anymore. I envy, and dislike at times, people who passionately stand for something they think is right – I don’t even know what’s right and what is wrong. I don’t know who to support, what to follow. How do I know I’ve cracked the code and am following the right way?

And in this confused state, who do I look for answers? Where do I find my peace? How do I know what I’m supposed to do?


Honestly, I don’t even expect answers anymore. I’ve realized that maybe it doesn’t work that way – the more I read, the more questions I have. Can’t wait to run away to Tibet or Nepal or something and see what it has to offer.

Have a great day 🙂

Hey everybody!


Okay so I realise I’ve practically become a forgotten identity! (Did ya see what I did there haha?) I came on here to look for something I wrote long ago and then ended up going through everyone’s posts – I feel weirdly nostalgic! The music and the time of the night could contribute to this, too.

Wow, I don’t know if there’s anyone who would read my blog, but nobody unfollows on wordpress, right? We’re too nice here. How have you all been?

I haven’t been too busy, but I am trying to write a well drafted story line to eventually turn into (hopefully!) a novel. Give this writer some love and encouragement – I need it to keep going! I’ve so far discarded and rewritten and redrafted – but google has assured me this happens to just about anyone who’s struggling to write.

If you’re reading this, stop by and comment! I’d love to see how you are doing, and what are your tips for me concerning this writing business? I need to stay motivated and I need to balance it with everything else that goes on.

Before I start rambling on (I’m afraid I have already) I’ll end this post and look forward to your response 🙂

Peace and love to the world ❤