The Storyline

Salaam! Hope you’re all good.

So, as you all know, I’m human and I have my down days. I have my moments where I sit and think of why something particular didn’t happen to me and how something could’ve been different etc. etc.

But one way I get back on track is when I realise it’s all predestined. Yes, we have our choices, but our choices depend on the destiny we have. Our lives have been planned like a story book, we will follow certain paths, and there we will be subject to decisions and choices, because after all we do choose what kind of lives we want to lead.

To make sense of what I said let me put it into these words, for example you could’ve been a poor person. Now, it has been written that you will be poor and you will not have the money to live lavishly as you see others do. You can either think positively and say, oh well, this dunya isn’t meant for me anyway, let’s just get this over with with a good attitude so Allah is happy that I still made the most of my unfortunate situation. Or, you could think, why was I chosen for this and not riches? Then spend the rest of your life sighing over what could’ve been, eventually ending up in a depressed state of mind where you do not want to do anything good or worthwhile.

The choice is yours.

So, what my point is, don’t dwell on what your life could’ve been and how something different could’ve happened. You weren’t meant for this place anyway, and so we were all cast as different characters in a big storyline, a story encompassing such a massive span of history and area. Doesn’t that itself feel marvellous? To be a part of something so huge, such a massive project that God laid out. You’re going to have to play your role, you don’t and maybe you can’t understand why, but that doesn’t mean you don’t play your role to the fullest.

Relish your character, because the part you got picked for was what you played best. Now choose to play it positively and prove that you can do the best to your ability.

JazakAllah for reading and have a lovely day!


Sabr means… to be patient?

Salaam! Hope you’re all well and having a great month of Ramadan, although it does seem to be going away so quick!

I wanted to talk today about sabr. I heard someone talking about it, so I figured, this is rather a good thing.

We have to be patient in a lot of situations, situations and places where we cannot afford to lose our temper. But that’s not entirely sabr, because sabr comes when you are content.

If you know you’ve got some high official at your back and he’s handling your affairs, you know you don’t have to worry. Right? If you have a problem and you have someone high and mighty go,  “Oh don’t worry, sahab ji, I’ll handle it”, you’ll automatically feel rather relieved right?

That’s exactly what Allah says. He says He is with those who are the sabireen, the people who do sabr. Now, you can’t get any one who’s higher and mightier than the Creator, the Owner Himself. So why not try doing sabr when life gets tough, and in sha Allah He’ll  be there to sort every thing out. He owns the place, my friends, He literally made everything. All the problems, all the emotions, all the people, all the things, all the planets, everything! He is THE one you would want by your side.

So why not? When the going gets tough, then why not let Him hold the ropes and decide what to do. We seem to be very good at getting ourselves into trouble, I think it’s time we surrendered to Him.

Submitted to Him. Islam means submission, and eventually when we submit we adopt sabr. The moment sabr rules your lives, you shall be the most content person on the planet. Believe this! Because He says it Himself, so many times in the Qur’an. It’s like He’s worried so He keeps assuring us He’s by our side. All we got to do is have trust and be patient.

What do you say folks? Shall we give this a try? Shall we aim to accept and trust Allah with whatever happens? Because the moment we do, is the moment we attain what we most deserve.


Must Return!

Salaam! Hope you guys are having one great Ramadan 🙂

I haven’t written here or read other blogs and I feel like I so need to now.

So I shall begin! I might not be writing much these days for some abominable unknown reason but hopefully I haven’t lost that spark and I can write, write, write away!

I’m back! *terminator reference anyone?*

Keep this humbled, weird soul in your prayers, may we all be granted Jannah and may our hardships in this world be easier. Remember the ummah that still suffers from war, the brothers and sisters who have no relief and no easy space.

May we all be guided, may we all find our way to Allah and peace.

Take care, and until next time,


After the Prophet PBUH…

Salaam! I hope all of yous out there are having a fantastic Ramadan! Try to do your best and catch all that thawab!

To get on with my post today, however, I’d like to introduce a book I’ve been reading. Having seen it everywhere, I figured I had to know why it was so popular and set about getting the book for myself.

“After the Prophet” by Lesley Hazleton is a book which revolves around the events of the succession to the caliphate after our prophet PBUH breathes his last. I agree the succession must have been a big decision, as leading the ummah right after the prophet leaves this world is rather a difficult position, but the way this book presents it is not exactly how it could have happened.

The book turns the love and brotherhood that surrounded the companions into a fierce challenge of political rivalry and jealousy. How and why would we ever think that the companions could be so savage in their thoughts about each other? They were the highest in their Iman, and it surprises me that this book gained so much popularity.

The book also deals with the Sunni Shia split, which might be one reason for its popularity, but I am saddened to think that this division is only stabbed at more, the wound between the two is never allowed to heal, when it should. We cannot live as separate factions anymore, we need all the unity we can get! And the way that book describes it, it seems as if Sunnis and Shias were destined to be sworn enemies since before the Prophet PBUH passed away.

Basically I wanted to highlight something which had caught my eye, something which disturbs me as I am aware that it cannot possible, in a rational sense, be true! Ours is a religion which was based on brotherhood, akhuwat, we cannot be so brutally against each other.

On a more positive note, another book which I’m going to be reading is “Lost Islamic History” by Firas Alkhateeb. It is a basic and sort of summarized version of our history, covering all the eras in a way which makes it clear and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend it, we should know some basic history! To stay ignorant is an absurdity we have to eradicate.

And that’s all for today folks, take care!

You’re kidding!


I haven’t been around for ages, I know. I wanted to blog about something but I wasn’t quite sure what I could blog about. So as soon as something popped into my really dead head, I decided to write away!

Recently, I got the shock of my life (maybe a wee exaggeration) when my friend didn’t know what I was talking about when I saw a pyramid perched on top of a bank, and then starting from that scene to my discussing politics and history and conspiracy theories (I’m really into conspiracies hehe). I do not endorse my beliefs concerning any sects or occults or whatever so I shall not state any, but the point is she wasn’t aware of it’s existance either! The things I was talking about were absolutely new for her, and we aren’t exactly new to this world if you know what I mean.

Selective ignorance is how I’d describe it. I love my share of movies and drama but I’m never really up to date about the lives of Josh Hutcherson or Emma Stone or whoever. I can’t watch every video Superwoman or Marcus Butler has posted onto youtube. She, on the other hand, knows EVERYTHING.

I’m not criticising on what she knows, what bugs me is that all of this does not affect our own everyday lives, and the stuff that does affect us, she has no clue of it. How are we supposed to actually grow if we don’t know about the basics? Why should I not be aware of the deeper politics infiltrating every single day that I breathe?

And yes, I had a face that said “You’re kidding!” when she told me she didn’t know it, but it’s still not too late. If you guys don’t know about what’s happening in the world, then go find out. It might be happening a thousand miles away but it sure affects you. Get your history and geography right, we should know all of this!

Yes, we have small, maybe even insignificant, places in this world, but as Horton puts it, “A person is a person no matter how small” you are still a person! A soul, a life, and I doubt you’re here without a reason. Why would we be here if there was no reason? A daft idea if you ask me! You breathe out to the world, make sure it’s not ignorant. Make sure you send out intellectual vibes. Start building the side of you that’s way more fun to build, the satisfaction and happiness you’ll get when you see your brain chugging away! Happy sighing.

And so with that, I’ll come to an end. I shall try to write something cool creatively, and not make it a month before I post.

Take care, read away.

Peace out!

P.S. Could anyone guess what I meant by the pyramids on top of the bank?

To change or not to change, that is the question

Salaam folks!

I have a lot of ideas going around in my head, since I’m talking about bringing some change, let’s talk about that. I think we all feel like we owe our part to help induce positivity and happiness here in our world, right?

First off, and I know we all know this and probably think of it,too, but first off we have to bring the change in ourselves! What bothers me is that people will watch all kinds of inspirational videos where they listen with rapt attention to the speaker who tries to get the audience to stop something negative, then compliment him/her on the lecture, and then a few hours later – BAM – they’re doing the same thing!

I think we have more self control than that! Take one step at a time, but at least take it!

For example, I’ve been blessed to have some pretty cool parents Alhamdullilah and something I’ve always taken for granted about them is that they give people the benefit of the doubt. Since they’ve done that so consistently throughout my life, I do the same thing. I can’t judge people based on what I see because I believe they have their own side to the story. On the other hand, what I see on a regular basis outside my home is something that is disturbing. Why on earth are folks so quick to jump to conclusions? Why can’t we let each other just be!

And when the inspirational video pops up, they’re nodding away like anything.

Take note : I am NOT saying I’m good or anything of the sort, I have my own faults, and being online prevents you from seeing them haha!

Anyway, what I mean is for people to start focusing on themselves! To be honest, it’s fun when you take up the challenge to change something, we all need a direction and goal right? It’s how we’re made, we need to strive towards some end. Well, now you will have some!

After you’ve started working on that, only then can you introduce it to society.

What I want to do (though I haven’t even got past the first step) is to leave a mark. To do something that gives instead of takes, to see the smile one puts on someone’s face by being generous to them. Install a water tap, help out with someone’s cleaning once in a while, etc. you get what I mean. Pray I get to do something too, put in my part for the world.

And something I’d like to tag in the end – spend some time with the older generation, the grandparents generation. Take walks, have a Ghalib night (my grand dad loves poetry, you can always switch Ghalib for something else!), just talk to them! The joy it gives them takes your breath away, and on a not so selfless note, you get to learn a lot too!


The Middle East Obsession

I know I haven’t been around much, but here I go again.

When I was twelve, I fantasized about the middle east. I’m not joking, I was this weird kid who loved Arab things; languages, cultures, I don’t know why it began but till now I have this thing for them (any Arabs here? :D)

Anyway, you can imagine my heartbreak when I realised things were going horribly wrong there. My conscious state now emerging, I was more aware of everything going on and starting from Palestine to Iraq and Afghanistan, to Syria, Lebanon, everything that went wrong wounded me.

I’m not one of those people who don’t look to what’s close around them, yes when my Pakistani fellowmen are in trouble and grief I cry my heart out and I want to help them out really bad, but here I talk of the Middle East.

Recently I watched a video on the destruction in Syria, and it got me thinking, How in world did that happen? There was this talk show on TV that I was watching and it was about how Russia had raided Syria about 280 times because they want to root out ISIS. And about oh, about a hundred thousand people were killed then, and about another killed at this time. I mean, really? Yes, ISIS is a huge threat and I condemn what they do, but bombing civilians is the answer? I mean what are you thinking? 280? That is a massive number! So much money, on bombing and destruction! WE’RE ALL HUMAN!

I don’t even know what to write. I’m quite sure all of you feel the pain. If not because they’re our Muslim brothers and sisters, for at least the fact that they are humans. And nobody has the right to kill so haphazardly.

It’s ridiculous.

I still love the area, and I dream to explore those lands one day. I just hope I get to. I hope God gives the attackers some sense and our ummah peace.


That’s so amazing!

Salaam folks! Hope you’re doing good and trying to be better 🙂
This post was sort of something that was in my head but then I watched this vlog by Subhi Taha and I thought I might as well post it since I’m in the mood haha. Subhi Taha is this half Palestinian half Filipino dude who used to make videos on YouTube, wasn’t a regular youtuber but his videos were cool. Now he’s some sort of designer I think and he uses Facebook and Twitter more I think, I don’t follow him so I don’t really know.
Anyway, this video is like a year old almost and back then the Chapel Hill shooting was the highlight of the day. So he talked about how despite not knowing them, so many people prayed for them. And that was amazing, I mean what’s in it for us, right? Why should we pray for three strangers? But so many people did, masha Allah.
After salah, if there’s to be a janazah (funeral), people usually stay on to attend it and pray for someone who had passed away, despite the fact that the deceased is unknown to most. Does that not make you so glad to be a part of such a community? Muslims all over the world will care for you and they will pray for you if they know about you.
After every incident, being insulted and degraded for being Muslim, being harassed and blamed for so much, being subjected to so much injustice, our ummah only grows stronger. We feel our identity more than before and strive more to protect it, to keep it thriving. I wanted to say, keep doing it my brothers and sisters. Keep striving. It’s amazing how we’re so conscious of our identity, because the day we lose our identity is the day we end. But staying the way Allah helps us here, I think we’ll get through.
Stay strong. Don’t give up, we’ll get through this. It’s hard, I know. It’s hard to be a good Muslim but believe me you can do it. You have Allah and you belong to this awesome ummah, there’s so much support against all the dislike, there’s so much love against that hate. We have greater goals, we aren’t stuck in this dunya. We have each other, and Islam only makes you stronger. When you keep your gaze lowered, when you talk decently, when you respect your elders and parents, when you strive with the hijab, when you’re kind and helpful, when you smile at a person with sincerity, know that the amount of love that is for you is unthinkable. Allah smiles at you for being that person, do you need any thing else? The moment that Allah gives you peace is the moment that we yearn for, and that peace has no equal, no exchange. Whatever challenges in the world, however tough the circumstances are, know that with you stands an ummah. And with you is Allah. The prophet saw cried for you, he called you his brothers. Is there a greater feeling? This world is nothing! It’s a minute place in our infinite lifetimes, a space where we’re told to follow a certain book for some time. A book that teaches nothing but good.
So, I say again, be strong. Be glad of who you are. Be proud that you are a Muslim, not the pride that’ll kick you out of jannah lol, the pride that helps you retain that identity. Allah made you a part of this, respect the level He gave you.
And that is how I conclude my long post for today.
Stay strong. Stay muslim. Peace.

Here I go again!

I know I haven’t written anything for ages but I shall inshaAllah! Soon.

Today’s post, though, isn’t my creative side. It’s the side that longs to speak and not be frustrated. It’s the side that looks for peace day in and day out and yearns for spiritual fulfillment.

It’s been one of those days where I go, it’s so hard being a striving Muslim! I know, it was never told that being a Muslim is easy, but it gets so hard at times! When you struggle through little things, things that matter to you but aren’t a big deal where society is concerned.

From something like getting your eyebrows done (I mean how mostly women change the entire shapes!) to music, from talking of showbiz all the time to minor backbiting, from lowering your gaze to avoiding mixed gatherings where not necessary – why can people not understand?! People who have been born into Muslim households! It seems like everything is now interesting and acceptable.

One of my friends told me she had studied with someone who knew how to do a rather vulgar sort of dance, and instead of being disgusted, the others thought it was “very interesting”! I decided to keep quiet. As I do usually now, since Islam seems to have ceased being an important part of our lives anymore.

I feel a hole in my spiritual self, like I yearn for something. I need something to keep me going, to make me stronger as I need the strength to make it through each day. I want to spend more time by myself, to gather myself and come to terms with some spiritual balance.

It was a rant this post, I suppose you’re thinking, but this being the few practicing Muslim community who encourage each other and not make fun and poke at each other’s belief, this seemed the only place where folks might get what I mean.

I’m tired. Exhausted. I’ve always found the world a rather sick place, but now it’s discouraging and depressing. Being a Muslim. I know Allah is with me as long as I strive, but sometimes I want to let things away and collapse.

Striving means the Shaytaan is after me, too, right? Ya Allah! Give me strength.

Do remember this humble spirit in your prayers ukhtis and akhis. I will inshaAllah come back with lighter emotions and creative posts. I’m trying not to miss out on your things either haha!

Stay strong!


It’s been a year. Wow.

You might think I think about death a lot since I have blogged about it quite a few times. I do, sometimes I think of it with happiness, considering that death means getting to meet Allah, but when I see death, I rarely think of it like that. It’s because when something like this happens, a feeling boils in me. A feeling of hate and intense dislike.

People who don’t live in Pakistan aren’t as affected, of course, so maybe some of you might not get where my feelings stem from. But looking at this horrid business all the time, it is only natural that we should think that way.

People who are Pakistani can relate to everything I write today, considering it is the sixteenth of December tomorrow. It’s been a year. Wow. A year and I feel for all those who lost their sons, brothers. Friends, students. It’s such a sad affair and the whole idea just seems so absurd! Going into a school and shooting them down? Astaghfirullah. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Humanity has fallen so low it is amazing. Not even just the bombers we get who randomly go somewhere and pull the trigger, the people who send these to do such a job – where is there sense of humanity? Are they even sane?

My heart goes out to our Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif. After quite a while we’ve been blessed with someone sincere. Someone who works so hard we already feel a positive difference alhamdullilah. May he be blessed and given the strength to keep going!

I wish it would just STOP. Why is it that every where you turn, you see something horrible? Why? It breaks me, but I know I have to keep going. For the sake of everyone who has been killed, sacrificed, tortured, thrown out. I have to strive for our cause, however far fetched the idea might seem, I must not let them break me so soon. It doesn’t mean I’m unfeeling, oh I feel, it just means I have to direct my feelings in a positive direction.

And I’d lastly say, remember our young, daring shaheeds (martyrs). Pray for their families and for the entire ummah. May we find Allah as we are supposed to.