After the Prophet PBUH…

Salaam! I hope all of yous out there are having a fantastic Ramadan! Try to do your best and catch all that thawab!

To get on with my post today, however, I’d like to introduce a book I’ve been reading. Having seen it everywhere, I figured I had to know why it was so popular and set about getting the book for myself.

“After the Prophet” by Lesley Hazleton is a book which revolves around the events of the succession to the caliphate after our prophet PBUH breathes his last. I agree the succession must have been a big decision, as leading the ummah right after the prophet leaves this world is rather a difficult position, but the way this book presents it is not exactly how it could have happened.

The book turns the love and brotherhood that surrounded the companions into a fierce challenge of political rivalry and jealousy. How and why would we ever think that the companions could be so savage in their thoughts about each other? They were the highest in their Iman, and it surprises me that this book gained so much popularity.

The book also deals with the Sunni Shia split, which might be one reason for its popularity, but I am saddened to think that this division is only stabbed at more, the wound between the two is never allowed to heal, when it should. We cannot live as separate factions anymore, we need all the unity we can get! And the way that book describes it, it seems as if Sunnis and Shias were destined to be sworn enemies since before the Prophet PBUH passed away.

Basically I wanted to highlight something which had caught my eye, something which disturbs me as I am aware that it cannot possible, in a rational sense, be true! Ours is a religion which was based on brotherhood, akhuwat, we cannot be so brutally against each other.

On a more positive note, another book which I’m going to be reading is “Lost Islamic History” by Firas Alkhateeb. It is a basic and sort of summarized version of our history, covering all the eras in a way which makes it clear and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend it, we should know some basic history! To stay ignorant is an absurdity we have to eradicate.

And that’s all for today folks, take care!

A Request

I know a neat person who blogs and is also involved in charity organizations, and this is something she’d like to advertise, I suppose anyone who can help should if they can.

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The Essence

Another Ramadan’s gone and over,
But have we found the four-leafed clover?
Long hot days of hunger and thirst,
With longing for food till we burst,
Has it changed our minds? Molded our desires?
Has it been enough to calm down our fires?
Have we repented sincerely for salvation?
Have we directed properly our oration?
Do we feel what Allah wants us to feel?
Or are we just craving that afternoon meal?
Fasting is to be patient, to stay silent,
To ponder over the deeds that I sent,
It’s time to get those good grades,
Catch the goodness before it fades,
It seeks to teach tolerance and peace,
But we only seem to think of the evening feast,
It’s a time to make dua, take Allah’s hand,
And work towards achieving brotherhood in the land,
Ramadan’s almost over and gone,
But has our switch to Allah stayed on?
This time it’s been tough, especially cruel,
We weren’t prepared when challenged to this duel,
So give another push, one more is all we need,
To help crack that deeply dug seed,
It’s not hopeless, not just yet,
But we’ve got to do more than just worry and fret,
So if you haven’t made use of Ramadan this time,
Don’t worry, there’s still time to reach out to the Sublime,
Walk to Him, He’ll come running to you,
All you have to do is stay through,
He’s always looking out for us all,
Waiting for us to make that call,
Don’t despair; you’re valuable time is yet remaining,
He could still send His help raining,
Although Ramadan’s almost over and done,
We still have time to become one.