The Heirarchy

All emotions dont fit our dimension,
There are worlds beyond normal interaction,
There are dreams, desires and ideas,
Not everyone fits the average criteria,
Equality is misunderstood, and ignored,
We’re individuals in a massive horde,
Turning towards someone for inspiration,
The destitute will crack of desperation,
This isn’t one plane, it’s something deeper,
Dissolve this now, don’t wait for the reaper,
We’re not here to dance accordingly,
Theres a bigger game, a wider opportunity,
Break the heirarchy, it won’t get you anywhere,
Shrug it off, it’s not like it will care,
Stop for once, question yourself,
You’re not just another piece on the shelf.

The Undeserved

There’s a girl sitting by the road,

With a one eyed doll,

There’s a directionless man,

With his gaze stuck to the wall.

She cries to be seen, he to be heard,

Lingering on the same path,

Pursuing different ways,

Praying to be saved from this ungodly wrath.

He gulps as his daughter comes to mind,

That baby pink dress he’d got for her,

How we longs to rewind,

It all happened in such a blur.

She stayed confused by the days,

Her chubby legs are tired and sore,

But she can’t find him anywhere,

The him who’d make her two into four.

Together one moment, severed the next,

Debris and blood blocking the way,

Eyes frantic, hands raised to the sky,

Ya Allah, make this a dream preceding the day.

Another shock, another rocky rain,

Another scream, another amputation,

Woe to such a day, such an age,

Where his one arm leads her to the next station.


I suppose you can all guess where I got the poem from, half our people relate unfortunately. I wrote it because we all need to remember, I need to remember, that the little things in life we cry over are not that important. Life goes on, it happens. We all move forward. We shouldn’t start creating issues out of nothing just because our lives are going smoothly to some extent. Be thankful for what you have, ignore baseless arguments and fights because I mean come on, shouldn’t we realise this by now? Shouldn’t we know that we have bigger aims in life than cursing people who don’t agree with us? Or keeping grudges, STOP. No more grudges. Let it go, let yourself feel the peace. Are our problems really that big? Ask yourself that about everything, is this really that important? If it is, go ahead, mark it with red. Otherwise, it’s not worth your time, the time that could be spent positively.

Ramadan is on it’s way, a month that makes being good and positive so easy. Start off the process, be thankful you haven’t experienced the kind of torture most of our ummah has. We forget too easily, and we shouldn’t. START BEING GRATEFUL! Let’s alleviate ourselves from being miserly and hateful and tiny minded. Grow! Let yourself experience how good it feels to let go.

I hope I made sense,


Subconsciously conscious

They caught you immersed by the ocean, didn’t they?

They caught you smiling at the sky,

And when you tried to climb to the top,

They pulled you off and let you die.

Your conscious subconscious is your enemy,

Propagated and naively believed,

You Significant Creature, rise above,

You shall finally feel relieved.

Dwell in your soul,

Paddle across its seas,

You might be but a drop,

But you must let go with the breeze.


Don’t judge her by her clothes
Or by the perfume she wears.
Don’t snicker because you can
Or backbite thinking you’re pure
Actually, don’t back bite at all.
Just don’t.
Look beyond what is seen
Perceive beyond observation
Come sit below.
Where your heart is hard, soften
Where your mind is soft, harden
Let divine love enter you,
Don’t resist.
Please don’t.
To blame is not to conquer,
To slay is not victory.
Taste your own defeat.
Burn down these walls of hate!
We’re from the same glacier
Flowing down the same mountains.
Forgive; forget rituals
Don’t defame what is our fame.

Break away

When you look up to the sky,

Your face on the verge of that cry,

And you desperately need,

Someone who’ll take heed,

You raise your hands, bow your head,

Your heart’s filled with a sadness and dread,

Some way, you need more strength,

And inner peace at length,

The walk is long and hard,

You’re always on your guard,

The need to let it go,

To break away from the flow,

Even in crowds, you feel alone,

Your spirit lies in the thrown stone,

The stone that waits to be flung,

And would rather break than be stung,

Listen to me, there’s more of you,

My sisters and brothers, I’m one, too,

And though I feel dejected and downcast,

I try to realize this fast,

I know giving it up is tough,

But remember, this dunya is a bluff,

We’re made for Jannah, not this land,

To finally reach Allah’s blessed hand,

Wouldn’t you rather forever?

Would preferring the dunya be clever?

So ignore the calls, the invitations of Shaytaan,

Sorry, you can’t publicly have a full tan!

So before your confusions begin,

And comes the temptation to sin,

Keep in mind, you were chosen,

To fulfill a higher mission,

Stop thinking of society and its evil,

Your ultimate enemy is the accursed devil,

Make your decision, choose wisely,

For you yourself seal your fate for eternity.

That awaited, eternal moment

Things cease to matter, when you’re nearby,
With your presence around I forget I needed to cry,
The moon is still and round, the fog clings on,
But I am at peace, I’m not deceived by this con,
All I need is your hand, you do the rest,
Only pull me harder, stray should I lest,
Oh beloved, don’t ever let go,
Don’t leave me in the dungeons full of woe,
To walk through these tunnels of fire,
Your love, your hand is all I require,
I feel at peace, there’s no worry,
No need for people, for food, for money,
When my faith rises sky high,
I feel the winds lifting me to fly,
I know you’re there, waiting for me,
You’ve given me the eternal key,
Oh please don’t let me deviate,
Grant me the highest, greatest fate,
To stand beside you that day,
And right there to forever stay,
I wait for that precious, awaited moment,
That final, utterly complete component.

A glimpse

I don’t think men have any idea how women feel towards their parents, how deeply and sincerely they always think of their parents and how much love they have for them. This is a little glimpse. I know not every one has a very good relationship with their parents, heck sometimes I have problems, too, but in this dunya, everyone has those. But in spite of all that, there’s something there that lets a girl give all her heart to her parents, in a way that she could never to anyone else.

She’ll be the one to listen,
She’ll be the one to care,
When you’re listless and broken,
She’ll be the one to cheer!
Her whole heart she offers to you,
No conditions, no terms,
She’ll walk proudly knowing she’s got you,
Her confident stride a reflection,
It won’t matter to her what the world says,
It won’t matter she’s left out,
She’ll stay silent when you’re angry,
And jump on you when you’re stout!
She’ll leave it all when you say the word,
She’ll dampen her passions and her desires,
She’ll bear all the ridicule and cynicisms,
But she’ll drown when she hears them from you!
Even when she’s supposed to leave,
She’ll still worry and fret about you,
For your finger was the one she held first,
Your stride the one she tried to match,
Her energies are all sacrificed for you,
Her loyalty forever yours,
She’ll live for you till her last breath,
Even then, she’ll die for you.

Mortal Pleasure

She tilts her head to the side,

A drop falls from above,

And makes the slide.

She rests against the tree and smiles,

A breeze caresses her long, dark hair,

And lifts her face to the skies.

She drums her fingers on her book,

Watches the ants march by,

And gives them a long, pleased look.

She waves her hands around the clouds,

Imagining an entirely different place,

And forgets the noise and crowds.

She presses a flower between her hands,

The petals spring up again,

And she fixes it in her strands.

She moves her hand over the grass and feels,

Picks up a handful of dirt,

And thinks of its hidden meals.

She lies down and laughs,

Intertwines both her hands,

And joins together the two halves.

A gentle sigh blows beneath her skin,

She’s glad it’s time to leave,

And goes fluidly to join her kin.

The odd charm to drown

There’s an odd charm in rebellion,
That chance to be one in a million,
That chance to let everything go,
And to let the raging waters flow,
It’s a strange place to be in,
When the greatest enemy is from within,
He strikes and you like it,
He tells you to run when you’re supposed to sit,
You say,
It’s okay, I won’t do it again,
Oh God will forgive me in the end,
But the branches multiply and tighten,
And the idea of leaving is enough to frighten,
We need that rush, that adrenaline,
But there’s more ways for that, don’t make him grin,
Because when you do it once, it becomes quite an addiction,
And before you know it, you’ll be hopelessly desperate for salvation,
There’s an odd charm in rebellion,
But don’t do what will make you suffer a millennium,
I know, the impulse is so strong,
I struggle with you, this road is long,
But there’s the choice we were singled out for,
We can’t let him beat us with one loud roar,
This is more a reminder to me than you,
I have to be firm on what I need to do,
And though I’d love to rebel, to do something new,
I know those ideas will only drown me and my crew.

Death is scary, not because we’re dying

Death is eternal union,
But also losing control of your worldly dominion,
Death is the ultimate return,
The abode of our souls’ divine yearn,
It’s the divide between this world and the next,
It comes as sudden as the ping of a text,
And we don’t know,
Where we’ll go,
But what happens behind?
How does one soothe the devastated mind?
One moment you’re here, the other moment you won’t be here anymore,
Leaving three when they used to be four,
It’s a sad state, but who are we to say,
Whatever Allah deems best is His way,
It takes time to let it settle in,
They won’t be seeing his coming home grin
Ever again. It’s a sad state,
But who are we to debate,
For him whose gone, it’s all over,
He might have found his four leafed clover,
He’s left, he’s broken through this place,
And all they have is a picture of his friendly face,
Death is scary, not because it involves dying,
It’s scary when you hear all that silent crying,
Death is somewhat a confusion,
A time with a void as a conclusion,
And where it’s true we’ll all die,
I worry about that silent cry.