I Love Pakistan

I was in a thoroughly patriotic mood today. Humming all those national songs and singing out the words. I don’t know why people are ashamed of this country. I don’t know if there’s a better place to live, literally. I love Pakistan so much, even after I travel, I would always come home to Pakistan, my excellent country.

I’ve never been ashamed of being Pakistani,

Although, yes, it has been accused of being unworthy,

And when it cries over it’s sad plight,

I struggle to catch that much needed light,

I breathe in the beauty, the scent of the land,

Thinking, there’s no other place I’d rather stand,

So when you say, it’s a third world country,

And it’s been target of an evil spree,

Know that the talent and beauty will compensate,

We can still work towards a better fate,

All kinds of precious gems, oh stones galore!

You’re left thinking, could there be more?

The landscapes, the mountains, the rivers, the sea,

Yet we have the busy, bustling city!

The freedom we have, who else does I don’t know,

A certain aroma, a bounteous glow,

Innumerous are the geniuses this land bore,

All they need is an available door,

Hardworking people, honesty agreed upon,

All we need to get rid of, that vexing con!

Yes we have corrupt leaders, and that lazy official,

But there’s something there that’s just too special,

We’re different, always were, always will be,

Yes I’m proud of the nation that raised me!

So, if you’re Pakistani and reading this, tell me don’t you want to shout Dil Dil Pakistan at times? 😀 😛 Because I certainly do!

Pakistani, you think?

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It makes us feel proud, doesn’t it, when we hear that? Adrenaline rushes through our veins as we see the Pakistani flag unfurled. What about when we see the Iraqi or the Syrian flag unfurled? No, we don’t feel proud then, that’s not our country. This is ours, we got our independence 67 years ago, we’re happy. But Jinnah didn’t build Pakistan so we’d be confined to its borders; he designed it so we could have a base from whence to work for the entire ummah. To not be afraid of opening the borders and stretch them as far as they would go to shelter anyone who needs it. Jinnah’s idea was not nationalism, it was identity.
About nationalism the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Leave it, it is rotten.”
Why not be independent from these chains we’ve created, crush these divisions. That’s the vision Iqbal had, Jinnah strove for. We’ve achieved independence from the Hindus; let’s now aim to achieve independence from borders. We don’t need them, and we were fine without them.
            We’ve been given a rare chance,
            Our power to enhance,
            God gave us land, He made us free,
            To carve out a greater destiny,
            We’re at the station; it’s time to set out,
            Our purpose, our aim, to shout,
            Don’t confine yourself to invisible cages,
            Jump out of these man-made stages,
            Anywhere, everywhere, we stay one wall,
            Each brick adds to make us tall,
            God’s soldiers have no boundaries,
            Look inside, you’ll find the keys,
            Break free from these self made chains,
            You’ll feel relieved from many pains,
            We don’t have Pakistan for no reason,
            To do nothing now would be treason,
            There’s still independence left to fight for,
            At the end, we’ll win this war,
            This state wasn’t achieved for us to sit down,
            We still need to get the diamond to our crown,
            Let’s strive for freedom once more,
            It’s the need to our innermost core,
            Reach out to Syria, Palestine, Libya, Kashmir,
            Pakistan is the name of no fear.

They want it the hard way then

It’s a shame to see terrorists fighting against innocent children, trying somehow to take out their revenge on them. If that is what they call bravery, then they should be prepared to regret who they messed with. We might be young, but we’re strong and full of all the passion, determination and power needed to show these cold blooded devils that if they want it the hard way, we are going to show them just what they asked for.
I stand with my brothers whose young martyrdom gives us yet another meaning. These people say the kalma, yet they have no idea what this religion preaches. The biggest blame is on us, we should never have allowed this to happen in the first place. But, since it has happened, we need to now renew our faith in Allah, join hands to eradicate this evil that shall otherwise brutally kill us all.
Let’s show the world we aren’t what they think we are. We are not slaves of this heinous game, we have a voice, and we aren’t afraid to speak out loud.