I Love Pakistan

I was in a thoroughly patriotic mood today. Humming all those national songs and singing out the words. I don’t know why people are ashamed of this country. I don’t know if there’s a better place to live, literally. I love Pakistan so much, even after I travel, I would always come home to Pakistan, my excellent country.

I’ve never been ashamed of being Pakistani,

Although, yes, it has been accused of being unworthy,

And when it cries over it’s sad plight,

I struggle to catch that much needed light,

I breathe in the beauty, the scent of the land,

Thinking, there’s no other place I’d rather stand,

So when you say, it’s a third world country,

And it’s been target of an evil spree,

Know that the talent and beauty will compensate,

We can still work towards a better fate,

All kinds of precious gems, oh stones galore!

You’re left thinking, could there be more?

The landscapes, the mountains, the rivers, the sea,

Yet we have the busy, bustling city!

The freedom we have, who else does I don’t know,

A certain aroma, a bounteous glow,

Innumerous are the geniuses this land bore,

All they need is an available door,

Hardworking people, honesty agreed upon,

All we need to get rid of, that vexing con!

Yes we have corrupt leaders, and that lazy official,

But there’s something there that’s just too special,

We’re different, always were, always will be,

Yes I’m proud of the nation that raised me!

So, if you’re Pakistani and reading this, tell me don’t you want to shout Dil Dil Pakistan at times? 😀 😛 Because I certainly do!

The perks of leaving your homeland (unless absolutely necessary, of course)

Everything I write in this post is for people who have always wanted to live in some country abroad. People who have always lived there are aware of what goes on there. They have their social circles too, and they know how to live there. So I’d just like to address this basically to us complexed Asians.
“Why don’t you move to the U.K.?” People ask my dad when they find out my family background, it’s not that astounding, really, but yes it’s certainly different than normal folks. Although I am Pakistani, and glad to be living a good life here Alhamdulillah, I have another nationality because my grandfather from my mum’s side moved to the U.K. to work after partition. After my mum got married, she moved here, to Pakistan, and is happy till today.
No, my dad does not move to the U.K. and why should he? He has a good job and is able to support a pretty decent living, he has no social issues, he has family and friends and he is able to help us grow in our own culture, with all the traditional values of respect, honour, hospitality and all that. Yet even people who have all these things think our family slightly strange as we do not move to a foreign country when my dad has been given such a good chance to.
I’ll tell you why.
Living in a foreign country such as the U.K. or the States isn’t the dream people think it is. Yes, if you can, do go for a holiday as they are still internationally interesting places, but to move from the safe haven of your own country and to a place so different from where you have grown up, where you will always be considered second grade citizens no matter what, is slightly strange itself, don’t you think?
Yes, Pakistan respects you way more than any other country will. And don’t even get me started on how the Arabs pure seem to hate us.
Okay. Then, we have social evils. Social evils which have sprung up because of the so called ‘freedom’ of the individual. What kind of freedom, though, if it eventually eats up the freedom of peace for others? Yup, the word freedom loses its charms when it’s misused. And if you live in the U.K., your own parents can’t stop you. Child Protection Agencies and all that stuff will actually come to your door and even throw you into jail if your child reports you to have been abusing him in any way possible.
The school my cousin went to committed a most disgusting act. They gave diaries to the kids and told them to write everything that went on at home without telling the parents. These entries would then be read and analysed, and the school had the right to take away kids whom they thought were not being brought up in the right atmosphere.
Social evils, I think, is something we’re all too familiar with. And when you’re so surrounded by them, it’s harder to stay away from them. It’s tough when you don’t get to go everywhere and do everything the people around you do, because you are restricted, either religiously or culturally, because the culture instilled in us does give us a moral direction. I know it’s hard here too, but at least we folks have some people who are like us.
Then, no matter what anyone says about religious tolerance and freedom, it does NOT exist completely. You still might be attacked if you wear a hijab, you will be called names if you’re religious. It doesn’t end on religion either, the materialism factor has soared sky high. If you’re fat, you’re made fun of, if you can’t afford the very new shoes, you’re an object of mockery, if you’re different in a new way, you will be ridiculed.
And although it saddens me to see people here are also starting to be influenced by all the negativity of the West, at least folks here have the respect to listen to their parents and the old and ancient of the family. At least there is still some family structure, they, and I feel sorry for those who live in those Western countries, they have lost the basic family structure.
Folks are spiritually empty, though, and due to that they grow selfish. The good thing which has emerged is that they are looking for their purpose to life, and a significant part of the population converts to Islam annually.
Yes, there are a lot of opportunities there, and there is a lot going all there all the time, but if you’re living a good life here, then trust me you will be happier in your own land, who’s customs and traditions have brought you up.
If you leave this country, you don’t only leave your country, you leave your family, your home, your friends and many who are probably dependent on you. So before you make a decision like that, think of everything before coming to a conclusion. Don’t accuse anyone if they’re not making use of what seems to be an opportunity.
I’ve written about some of the basic problems, but know that this world had problems everywhere. There is no such thing as the perfect country.
Be glad you’re Pakistani, because it’s a pretty cool place to live in! Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistani, you think?

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It makes us feel proud, doesn’t it, when we hear that? Adrenaline rushes through our veins as we see the Pakistani flag unfurled. What about when we see the Iraqi or the Syrian flag unfurled? No, we don’t feel proud then, that’s not our country. This is ours, we got our independence 67 years ago, we’re happy. But Jinnah didn’t build Pakistan so we’d be confined to its borders; he designed it so we could have a base from whence to work for the entire ummah. To not be afraid of opening the borders and stretch them as far as they would go to shelter anyone who needs it. Jinnah’s idea was not nationalism, it was identity.
About nationalism the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Leave it, it is rotten.”
Why not be independent from these chains we’ve created, crush these divisions. That’s the vision Iqbal had, Jinnah strove for. We’ve achieved independence from the Hindus; let’s now aim to achieve independence from borders. We don’t need them, and we were fine without them.
            We’ve been given a rare chance,
            Our power to enhance,
            God gave us land, He made us free,
            To carve out a greater destiny,
            We’re at the station; it’s time to set out,
            Our purpose, our aim, to shout,
            Don’t confine yourself to invisible cages,
            Jump out of these man-made stages,
            Anywhere, everywhere, we stay one wall,
            Each brick adds to make us tall,
            God’s soldiers have no boundaries,
            Look inside, you’ll find the keys,
            Break free from these self made chains,
            You’ll feel relieved from many pains,
            We don’t have Pakistan for no reason,
            To do nothing now would be treason,
            There’s still independence left to fight for,
            At the end, we’ll win this war,
            This state wasn’t achieved for us to sit down,
            We still need to get the diamond to our crown,
            Let’s strive for freedom once more,
            It’s the need to our innermost core,
            Reach out to Syria, Palestine, Libya, Kashmir,
            Pakistan is the name of no fear.