Divinely done

I have heard of a distant place,
Somewhere far away,
But somewhere to go to,
Every blessed day!
It’s not hard to get to,
And certainly not unreachable!
Go on ask what this is,
Am I capable?
Indeed, bow down your head,
And touch the ground,
Push aside this worldly worry,
Don’t be earth bound!
For it’s a magical land
Where magic is divine,
It holds every secret,

Beckons, “Be mine!”

Mama! Look at the sky!

It was around eight in the evening, as we waited for my father and brother to come home from Isha so we could leave for my grandfather’s house, that I heard the most tremendous noise. It sounded sinister to my ears, and with panic rushing through my blood, I quickly walked to the back door to see what was going on outside. My mother was calm, she assured it wasn’t anything, but living in situations as today, my mind raced away and wreaked all sorts of havoc and disaster. I opened the door and ran outside in my socks, and looked up at the sky to see if there were any signs of an anomaly. Circling around the garden, I saw to my relief that all was actually calm and everything was at peace. The crickets were on with their noise, the stars were shining above, TVs played from our neighbours’ houses, the streetlights shone onto the dark road. Nothing was out of order.
Until I heard the noise again. It was like a blast, but a furtive blast, a quick rapid blast succeeded by many more. It suddenly dawned on me what the cause of it was.
“Fireworks! It’s fireworks!’’ I called to my mum inside, who also came out to see what I was jumping about for.
“It is indeed!” She sighed as she saw the different colours from behind a massive tree. I tried to get around the tree but to no avail, I eventually ran into the house and burst through the front door onto the road, where the spectacle seemed even more beautiful now that it was clearer. I sighed. It was so pretty.
Soon, my mum and my sister followed, and we stood gazing at the fireworks in the middle of the road. We were joined by an elderly couple who silently pointed out the various colours to each other. The fireworks danced in the sky, going about in different directions, pursuing different paths and then dying out slowly after the climax of their short, but bright lives. They were so splendidly adorable, only because they lighted up the sky for a couple of minutes and let us sink into that daze that it spreads around, happy with the celebratory shrieks it made. The chill crept into my feet, but I stood my ground, it’s not often when you get to see fireworks outside your very house.
I don’t exactly know why we enjoy them so much, but whenever they decide to show up, I know what I’m going to do.

Leave it all and run towards the beauty.

Forever perfect

It’s proper lovely weather we’re having these days, the kind of weather one wishes for and perhaps imagines only in dreams or heaven. But now, the cool winds and cloudy skies make me fancy I’m somehow living in a fairytale. A fairytale where the weather is absolutely perfect – where it’s never too hot and never too cold, where the air itself seeps into one’s body and soothes it down, chasing out any worries and anxieties of the time. It’s the kind of atmosphere one wishes one could have all the time, that grandiose aura enriching the happy mood of the house. The birds sing, and the trees dance, the leaves play a soft music and blend into this beautifully synchronized melody with the soft gales.
A twitch at the back of my mind though, a tiny twitch that seems to grow larger and larger till it encompasses my entire being and knocks me down into a valley of despair and discomfort. My wary eyes dart to the sides, my hands stay balled up waiting for the impending disaster, the disaster that would once and for all devour me whole.
Nothing really happened, though, nothing happened physically that is. But if we go deeper, dig into the complex folds of human mentality, we see that is exactly how we live every single day. In a trance does everything else pass by as we watch in confusion as to what reality is. It’s like a rollercoaster, a rollercoaster ride that ends before you realize what happened to the days you passed by.
But that’s only the case if you jump onto the rollercoaster, for it takes you into the very heart of the world, where people stuck now feel abandoned and in their desolation curse the moment they decided to take the fatal ride. The constant attention to detail of all things that do not matter when you give them a thought is what eats these people up.
We’re lucky. Lucky in the way that we do not need to take the rollercoaster. We know we were sent here for a very tiny amount of time, a time that was to be spent as God told us to, and that even for this time He sent us every good thing we have today. He sent us excerpts of Jannah, so we know what we are looking forward to. But to find those excerpts, we need to let the mind let go. Let go of those incoherent fashionable statements, that greed and hunger, that want but not need.
For the time we let go, Allah shall hold us up and keep us going. Then can we look forward to the kind of perfect weather forever, because the realization that this is temporary will keep us going, keep us fighting.
I sit by my window and enjoy the weather peacefully, I’m not stuck in that dark abyss of actual nothingness, I am at peace with the world because I’ve let it go. It can go wherever it wants, because when I let go I fall into His hands, and His hands shall take me to a place which I shall happily call my abode, the abode that was always destined for us.

The staircase to hope

A student exits a library in Damascus,25 Unique and Creative Staircase Designs
Book loosely in hand, he walks peacefully home,
All of a sudden, pandemonium and fuss!
He doesn’t know if he’ll see his mum.
Two girls play outside with their dolls,
It is another place, yet the same,
They seem not to care being unprotected without walls,
Yet nobody knows how long will be their game.
“I’ve been ordered to slaughter you all”,
Cries a man with a gun,
The biggest seem to be the first to fall,
The man knows when his job is done.
I with my numbered summers think,
Is it wrong to be right?
I never believed so, but tell me the link,
Which leads the devil to his might?
You know the man with the gun?
The other day I saw him breathe his last,
His eyes seemed to be stun,
He says, “The united were too steadfast!”
The little girl who played by the road,
Put on some gear and got ready,
Not caring if alone, she believes her code,
It’s enough to always keep her steady.
The mother indeed failed to meet her son,
But she knew it was her calling,
She knew it was her time to run,
And she absolutely detested stalling.
I ponder on why this model of clay,
Cannot differentiate between fire and his own kind,
I see the other’s reason, but why self slay,
Those with whom one is to find,
The destination which waits joined hands,
The journey which yearns courage and strength,
Oh Muslims, why destroy own lands?
Come back, please, come back at length!
Learn to fight and cope,
Only you can build the staircase to hope!

A Long Road

We’ve all set for your shore,

With Allah’s help and love galore,
Don’t cry, we’re here to hold your hand,
For you the entire ummah takes the stand,
Don’t lose hope, keep faith and be strong,
We know the fight’s brutal, and the road’s been long,
The tides haven’t been calm, it’s been stormy and hard,
But Allah has finally decided to turn our card,
We are united, we’re coming to defend,
Get ready, this war shall end,
We’ve worked hard for God to please,
And He’s now going to send us ease,
For we grieve for you, we yearn for change,
Now it’s in His hands to arrange,
Our brothers and sisters in Palestine, we’re on our way,
We shall put a stop to this cruel play,
You Syrians, do not despair,
You shall be released from this nightmare,
Our fellows in Kashmir, don’t weep and cry,
Because we’re going to win and for that we try,
Don’t lose hope, keep faith and be strong,
We know the fight’s brutal, and the road’s been long,
But do not think we have forgot you, and are lost,
For we shall make them pay the full cost,
They’ve made us suffer in misery, in pain,
But now it’s time for them to be slain.