That awaited, eternal moment

Things cease to matter, when you’re nearby,
With your presence around I forget I needed to cry,
The moon is still and round, the fog clings on,
But I am at peace, I’m not deceived by this con,
All I need is your hand, you do the rest,
Only pull me harder, stray should I lest,
Oh beloved, don’t ever let go,
Don’t leave me in the dungeons full of woe,
To walk through these tunnels of fire,
Your love, your hand is all I require,
I feel at peace, there’s no worry,
No need for people, for food, for money,
When my faith rises sky high,
I feel the winds lifting me to fly,
I know you’re there, waiting for me,
You’ve given me the eternal key,
Oh please don’t let me deviate,
Grant me the highest, greatest fate,
To stand beside you that day,
And right there to forever stay,
I wait for that precious, awaited moment,
That final, utterly complete component.

A Fire is Burned

This is for all those reverts, you have been a source of inspiration to me, especially the ones I’ve “met” through blogging. It’s great having you guys around, knowing that people strive and succeed. I hope Allah keeps you going, and helps others to find the way.

The darkness seems to creep around,

Tiptoeing inside without a sound,

Slightly panicking and confused,

Seemingly being reused,

Nothing seems to happen for a reason,

Thinking differently is treason,

But it happens, and a path is discerned,

An illumination, a fire is burned,

Someone holds your hand as you start to think,

And you’ve come to Allah in a single blink!

You converts, I’m glad you’ve converted,

Your struggles are not but appreciated,

Where you’re true, the seed of Iman firmly planted,

Time and time again, I’ve taken Islam for granted,

Straying, where you would stand strong,

Although our journeys are both equally long,

For me, looking at you is inspiration,

To follow the Deen with such elation!

When I go weak, I know now to fight,

When it gets too hard, to hold on tight,

There isn’t much difference, though, between you and I,

Why suffer on land when we were born to fly!

The Plasticity around us

This is not one of my regular posts, but I needed to let this out so I’m going to go ahead and post away.

I’m cool to socialize with, I’m not being egoistical, it’s just what it is. But even when I’m talking to someone and listening to them drone on and on about their life and the so many ‘important’ things they do which in reality have absolutely no interest for me, I’m still trying. Trying to make people like me as a person. Even when I don’t like someone, I will never be rude to them, on the contrary I’d try and be the ‘nice girl’, the nice girl who then has to listen to everybody because no one else wants to.

Maybe it’s because of that attitude that I see through people too much now. And I’m not interested in socializing with new people anymore. I don’t want to. Maybe I’ve had a few rough experiences, but rough experiences is what teaches. And yes, there’s something to be learned from everyone, but I’d rather not learn from everyone. I’d rather not comb through their aimless lives where the biggest problem is they don’t have the right clothes because folks have already ‘seen’ certain clothes and now they can’t repeat them, or that their hair isn’t straight enough.

I feel exhausted. Socializing exhausts me at times. The only time it refreshes me is when I talk to my best friend, and I only have the luxury of having one of those. I think, why should I start pondering over things which never have had the importance in my life as they have had in others? Why should I even bother to go through the hassle? Why have people indulged themselves so much in things that don’t matter? And why forget the things that do matter? Then our community complains about depression.

I don’t even like going out with most people anymore. I can’t stand the fakeness, the artificial reality they’ve made for themselves. And I certainly can’t stand it when they expect me to join all that. I cannot do it. I’d rather stay at home where it’s nice and real, or roam about some massive meadow.

I want to go live in the mountains, where the air is fresh and free from the strange, unthinking world. Where I have the liberty of thinking without criticism, walking without worry. Where there are no people except the minority I care about and cherish.

Does anyone else feel as if it’s been too much? There’s too much, as I like to call it, plasticity around us? I want to escape. I’m scared I might turn into a mindless robot, too, and I can only pray to Allah that I don’t.

Because if I did, I’d be the greatest of my own enemies.

So Let’s Start Doing It!

“Delete it! Delete it now!” My friend screamed as we were looking at a picture we’d got taken. It seemed fine to me, and I told her so, but she was adamant.
“It’s absolutely horrible! I look so ugly and fat!”
The picture was deleted, as she wished, but I felt the whole scene completely silly. So what if in one picture she didn’t look her best? It’s not as if that picture was going to be displayed by the press or advertised on billboards. It was going to stay in the safe hands of her friends.
Okay. Today’s post deals with the socially conscious and mentally complexed group of society, and this state of things is pretty alarming as this group, once a small circle people thought were insane, has now caught almost everyone in its grasp, and I won’t say I am completely safe from it either.
I won’t go so far to say we don’t need to be socially conscious at all, because we do need to be careful about appearances, but to look good according to some standards set by unknown people? To obsess over a particular fashion or a certain weight number? That’s utterly absurd and psychologically disturbing.
We say we’re free, but are we really? Do we really think ourselves or do we strive to follow some bizarre ideals, ideals that might not even suit our own way of life? Everyone wants to have a zero size waist, and some will go at lengths to make sure they do, while people who are not as slim are ridiculed harshly. Those folks then think lowly of themselves, too, and as a result slowly try to become like the very people who made fun of them. It doesn’t even have to be about that specific size, anything, ranging from designer clothes to branded phones; it seems as if everything has turned into some sort of status quo.
I’d like to address the young community, though, they have so far to go and so much to do, and they better start now or they might never get to finish line, which is nothing but genuine excellence. Excellence which will actually benefit the people, not the multinational minted companies. So stop going after the latest fashion trend and then dwelling in some sort of inferiority complex if you don’t, because it doesn’t matter.
Now, before you make a decision think about it: does it actually matter? Do you really want to impress those who only judge you by your clothes? Or do you want to be the change you need yourself to reform that part of society too? We as humans have a larger life than these petty material needs. We were made to do better, to discover, explore, write, love, sympathize and spread content. 
I don’t see that happening a lot, though.
So start now. From today. Think “It doesn’t matter that I never was able to get that Gucci bag or those gorgeous dresses from the popular brand. It doesn’t matter, and now I need to think of what does matter.”
What does matter then? I’ll tell you. Have you ever noticed the way the cleaning lady gapes at the pretty little diamond on your pretty little finger? Or how she seems to never wear nicer clothes? Have you noticed the guy sitting opposite your house or your college or whatever, trying to sell something nobody would ever like to buy?
What about them? Do they not deserve Gucci bags if we do? Okay, maybe they don’t. But they deserve a better life. Our parents deserve better kids. Our books deserve better readers. Our country deserves better citizens. Our religion deserves better followers. Maybe we should pay that some attention. We weren’t made for ourselves, and to think for ourselves has never helped man reach inner happiness.
So pop your tiny bubble, reach out of your cocoon. It’s time to start doing something. And it all begins from yourself.