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I write different kinds of things, from poems based on a young Muslimah’s view of the world, her desperate attempt to relieve herself from the invisible, yet rigid, worldly bars she is under; her desires regarding the unity of the Muslim ummah; her free thoughts regarding what is happening on Earth. I also write stories on historical events, trying to compose something old in an interesting format.

I absolutely love history. Love it. It intrigues me beyond capacity and I am sorry I shall never be able to uncover all of it. I’m a bookaholic, so my favourite time would be that spent in a library or a bookstore. My greatest dream here is to travel, and the day that comes true I shall be the happiest person in the universe.

I’m usually an optimistic person, so I hope it reflects in what I write and affect the world positively, because this place needs all the positivity it can get! I started a blog because my inner being was frustrated with the thought of not really reaching out as I wanted to, and I sincerely wish one day I can say there’s happiness where I live.

I hope this blog helps me find people like me because somehow or the other the friends I’ve usually made in my ongoing academic life have bored me, irritated me and even angered me. I wanted to see more people in the world who think outside the worldly box everyone else is trapped in. I wanted people to not make fun of me every time I put forward an idea or thought differently than others, I wanted to run away from the narrow mindedness I always despised. And so I hope this blog helps me recover my inner sanity, which was never satisfied with the nothingness of the world. I hope folks here aren’t like the ones who made me feel insane or weird, because being yourself and trying to find Allah isn’t weird, is it?

Read on and tell me what you think of it all!



56 thoughts on “The blogger here!

  1. we seek Allah each of us in our individual ways.
    and i believe not everyone finds Allah.
    i struggle many times. i often wonder whether i truly will.
    amazing blog 🙂
    i love history customs traditions and how it all happened. the why of how something came to being.
    i love love love travelling exploring and immersing myself in new cultures…
    In Sha Allah you dreams will come true.

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    • Yes it’s a struggle but even the hardest of struggles become easier when you find people like you. I’m so glad you stopped by and thank you so much for the encouragement it means a lot. 😊


  2. This is the first time I’m visiting your blog, wow 😲 you are quite talented MashaAllah.

    You have earned the follow 😏
    I hope to get awesome stuff from you in my Reading Pane.

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    • Salaam! Aww I’d love to make friends 🙂 I’m glad you liked my stuff, it’s always so nice to hear someone like it 🙂
      I’m from Pakistan! I’ve never really talked to an Indonesian so this is definitely interesting 🙂

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    • Masha’Allah, so you are Pakistanis blogger? I have many…many friends from Pakistan. And I’m so close with them. I’m really happy to meet you here. 😊 I admire all Pakistanis bloggers, they’re awesome! 👍👍👍

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  5. Salam Alaykum sister,
    First time I see your blog and i’m really glad to be here. Reading this post, I feel home, I feel inside myself, you are just like me and it feels so good to meet people With the same mind.& i like the way you write masha’Allah. I will continue my lecture of your blog 😉
    May Allah bless you.

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    • Wa alykumusalam sister!
      I’m so happy you could relate! I love it when I meet people who are like me 🙂 and you’re saying you feel at home has me so happy 🙂
      Jazakallah for your really kind words I hope you’ll like my future ones too 🙂
      Oh and I’m a huge Rumi fan so yeah 🙂


  6. I also love Rumi’s spirit. His writings are so spiritual masha’Allah.
    I al sure I will love your future posts but first I have all your past posts to read insha’Allah 😉
    Anyway, I have to ask you, I read the home page and it is so sad and pessimistic, I really hope you changed your mind dear sister, because even if this world is filled with bad people, there is also so many good people and some of them have the same poetic spirit than you, the same sensibility and in those people you can trust. I hope you changed your mind, sister 🙂
    Wa salam

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    • I’m so humbled you’re going to read my previous posts 💕
      Aww aren’t you sweet? Well I had some really bad experiences with that whole thing and it rocked me so bad but yes I’m back to my positive self again and I do believe there are other kindred spirits out there. I decided to post it so I’d know if anyone else felt that way because well, this dunya is eventually a deception itself right?
      Don’t worry though and I love you for that concern, I’m back to my usual happy self 🙂

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  7. Absolutely, sweet sister, this Dunya is all about deceptions and trials but after Hardship comes ease, right? anyway, I understand you, I have from time to time, those depressed moments myself, and I think we all have. The important thing is to find enough strengh to get up and I think prayer helps a lot alhamdoulillah and having someone who truly loves you is so helpful in this difficult life. I used to think that this life has no sense and that no one could never understands me until I met my husband. Since I’m married, I was never as much depressed as before alhamdoulillah because I have someone to heal my pain and it is such a wonderful feeling. Sorry for this long speech, maybe it was a therapy for me haha
    I hope you found wonderful persons as well.
    May Allah protect you ❤️


    • Aww that was so good of you to write all that for me 🙂 May Allah bless you here and in the hereafter!
      Yes everyone I suppose gets those depressed spells but we should get over them and move on, because after all that’s how life goes on.
      It’s absolutely lovely what you say of your husband may Allah grant you forever peace and happiness 🙂
      I didn’t mind the long comment at all, I loved it and I am thankful for you making me feel better 🙂 Love to you!

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