A beating

Stop beating her, she might be dead,

Will you mercilessly beat a corpse?

Has she erred so much by being born,

Must you bury her alive?

Have you considered she might be struggling,

Wait, why would you care?

Her spirituality could be levels above,

How will you stop judging her?

Everyday it’s the same hard world,

Pause, must you make it worse?
To my womenfolk at the brink of drowning,

I help you out,

You are understood, you are felt,

Do not despair. You can survive.

They might never stop shooting arrows,

Too masculine to feel?

Know that you are not alone, I hear your pleas,

Do not fall to the mockery, insult and idiocy,

You carve your own path, you own your life,

Do not let anyone snatch that from you.


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