A little – but necessary – rant


I think most of my readers here are Muslim so you will probably understand what I’m about to rant about.

How many times have Muslims tried to prove that they are good people and stand with other communities in their time of crisis? How many times do Muslims have to say it for the world to believe it? The answer is – the world isn’t going to. It doesn’t matter what we do. Because although oh we can’t judge a person, they can judge us simply for being Muslim.

I cringe a little inside when something happens and Muslims are not a part of it yet we see our lot trying so hard to convince the affected that we are ‘with’ them.

I’m not saying we’re not – I’m glad Muslims feel for everyone else. But what makes me cringe is that even in 2017, we have to prove ourselves to the world. What kind of a liberal world is this? You’re accepted for denouncing God but shunned for believing in one? How is that equality? You’re allowed to have freedom of belief and thought – but only if it resonates with people who aren’t religious.

I’m not very religious either, but I should have the option without worrying that the world will throw me into a dark place.

Why is it that Muslims educate themselves about other cultures of the world to help them out, but one thing happens in the Muslim world and the world tells us we’re a religion of hate? Our countries are backward and barbarian, am I right?

People don’t really want to understand Islam, I get it. But if you’re not going to read up on it then don’t go about commenting on it.

Like I tell everyone – GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

Ah that’s me done. Have a great day and a blessed Ramadan!


A beating

Stop beating her, she might be dead,

Will you mercilessly beat a corpse?

Has she erred so much by being born,

Must you bury her alive?

Have you considered she might be struggling,

Wait, why would you care?

Her spirituality could be levels above,

How will you stop judging her?

Everyday it’s the same hard world,

Pause, must you make it worse?
To my womenfolk at the brink of drowning,

I help you out,

You are understood, you are felt,

Do not despair. You can survive.

They might never stop shooting arrows,

Too masculine to feel?

Know that you are not alone, I hear your pleas,

Do not fall to the mockery, insult and idiocy,

You carve your own path, you own your life,

Do not let anyone snatch that from you.