Beautiful, truly beautiful

She shaved her head for a wig,

You had said her hair was too frizzy.

She cut off her fingers and toes,

Because you didn’t find them too womanly.

She cried herself blind,

Her eyes weren’t pretty enough,

The eyelashes fell one by one,

In her attempt to bat them pretty.

She is more scared of fat than death,

Life? You burned that ages ago.

From the time she is taught to hide her scars,

To when she looks “perfect” but conscious,

You have destroyed her.

You have wrecked her soul.

Beauty has no definition,

And I do not allow you to force yours,

For everything and everybody without you,

Is truly, heavenly beautiful.


Out beyond right and wrong? 

You told me to meet you there

I’m afraid I’ve become lost

I can’t seem to find my way.

I thought it easy and fairly straight

But what i did not anticipate

Was who I’d meet and what I’d see

I was not prepared, oh soul.

I gasp, i breathe, i try to break free

I am not who I should be, i am who I’m not

Is it true there is a world out there?

Beyond, you said, out beyond.

I crave your beauty, i dream of you 

I picture the stream that flows from you 

I have broken free, i am not chained

I have found Him in me.