Very open minded, aren’t we?

Salam! I hope everyone is doing great, I know I haven’t posted in ages and I should catch up with what the blogosphere is up to, but that is just how it is.

There’s something that deeply confuses me, something that I thought would not have been a problem with my generation considering we are always about “open mindedness” and “freedom of thought” and all of those hypocritical slogans. It seems to me that as we try and break barriers and destroy stereotypes, we are perhaps becoming as narrow minded as ever. Opinions and beliefs clash and kill, and we think we are a world where we are giving everyone an opportunity to speak out?

The only thing that people should be stopped from doing is deliberately insulting, degrading, ridiculing, assuming or ignoring other people’s opinions and beliefs. That being said, I think we have enough material and resources to dig out and study everything for ourselves before forming a set opinion ourselves. An opinion should be allowed to change – if it is proved wrong through pleasant argument or if it is no longer valid.

The problem with us lot is that we are too eager to propagate our own opinions without considering that someone with another opinion might have done as much research, if not more, than we have before coming to a conclusion. Forming opinions is art – absolutely subjective to each individual. In a world with over 7 billion inhabitants, I doubt we could all ever come to a perfect agreement. I can’t agree on everything with my best friend!

What my point is, we need to stop thinking of ourselves as the higher or only authority, remind yourself that the person who does not agree with you has a background, and instead of dismissing his points of argument, maybe it could be a chance to learn a bit more about what goes on the world. Maybe someone hates chocolate because they’re allergic to it, and because you don’t know of the allergy you immediately judge him because he refused it.

If we want to think of ourselves as an open minded society, maybe it’s time to actually act like one – be open to what and how other people think, how they perceive. Who knows, maybe their idea could work better than yours. Maybe they could be on the path to world peace and you haven’t even found that ladder yet.

Be humble, be open.



13 thoughts on “Very open minded, aren’t we?

  1. Agree big time. Since I have practically applied being open and have found really amazing results – similar to what you described as in finding better opinions that I had kept for God knows so many years but were wrong nevertheless.

    I think being in my particular set of career has also made me accept perspectives and to actually consider walking in other people’s shoes. It’s a fact which I can personally assure that the teaching profession can teach you wonders through going with flow of each and every student – a mind and heart – ready to be explored, their abilities honed. And this rejuvenating experience of students in my company overall is appreciated by all since it takes you out of that condescending behaviour that normally lecturers might take in order to protect their insecurities.

    A person taught me at a very young age a way to be humble
    “Learn to say sorry more and immediately when you realise your mistake”.
    This has worked exceedingly well for me ever since.

    Happy breathing and good to have you back in blogosphere.

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    • Wasalam! I’m so glad you liked then and I’m really grateful for having been nominated – I didn’t expect it now haha! I’m not really blogging a lot these days tho so I might not get to do it – but I’m really happy you thought of my blog! Have a great day!

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  2. We will always find different beings on this earth. Some who understand the importance humility, some who learn the hard way, and some who will never understand. Open-mindedness comes with education, knowledge and experience. This post hit the nail on the head.

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