Let me be

Salaam! So let me warn you beforehand that this is not one of my usual positive kind of sides.

Today I’m going to ask a question. Why is it so hard for people to be good? Why can’t folks just be nice to you, if they want to talk about something serious, why not just be civilised and have a normal discussion about it? Why do they have to be so rude and impatient about it?

I’m a calm person, usually I don’t flare up or anything. But lately it’s just been too much and I feel this intense anger inside me that is absolutely burning and I can’t seem to let go of it. I feel angry at almost everyone and everything.

I’ve lost trust in humanity. I’m trying not to lose hope, we do have good people here. I’m just going to focus on the good ones in my life. So what if a lot of the people I know don’t give a care about how I might feel. So what if I try hard to please and it just ain’t happening. I have my select group of people and I cannot be bothered leaving this bubble anymore. I feel like dealing with these people is pointless and sometimes with the most absurd reactions.

I don’t know. Maybe I should try harder. But it’s come too far. I don’t want to anymore. If those people don’t bother, then should I really waste my time when I could be using that for people who care about me?

That’s the hard part though. You can’t break off relations. You have to maintain ties. It might seem impossible, it certainly does at the moment,  but hopefully it’ll work out. Hopefully.

May you not see such horrid days and people, take care of yourselves folks. It’s an unbelievably hypocritical world a live in.


14 thoughts on “Let me be

  1. Lol I downloaded a photo and realized later that we can’t attach photos in a WordPress comment. 😀
    See, you can always walk away. Take control of your life. You’re the one to drive it. Anywhere you want to. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes, the one we thought the best, the one we trusted the most turn their back to us; ditch us literally and bitch about us to every single person of all the things we din even think of or would never do to anyone let alone such a close friend and people believe that person cuz you’ve been so close that everyone thinks there’s no other person who know you better; and everyone turn their backs cuz apparently you’re the worst and can’t have the mercy of even being looked at let alone smiled; and you think you’re totally doomed and life has become meaningless; that there’s no point in living itself; that you’ll never be normal or never be able to trust any soul ever again; that you’ll never make friends anymore or that you’re better off alone; you stop believing in all kinds of relationships… I can go on cuz I have had the worst of it and I felt like the world has turned upside down and I’ll never come out of this trauma. But trust me, you will. You can’t stop thinking about it for a long time, is till think about it at times, but not the way I did before. I believe that was the biggest lesson I got on real life. It was the worst of all kind. I was pointed at and laughed at. I was a subject in their everyday chatters that end with laughter. But almighty Allah pulled me through. I got new friends and life changed the way I could only dream of; it’s not like I got everything I wanted. But I’m optimistic that I’ll reach my goals inshallah. I started believing in people, trusting them, and learned which type I should be staying away from. That is, to be kept in a safe distance. And the one who made my life hell, I’m thankful she taught me the biggest lesson on ‘people’. Rest is karma’s work. 😉
    My rants are always too long I know. 😀 but the point is, this too will pass!!! Be patient and keep faith. May Allah bless!! xx

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    • Ah no your rants are something I look forward too. Always relatable somehow, with a positive end to them!
      I feel really bad for you! But I am glad that you conquered and moved on. It’s true, we get tough shiz like that. But everything is supposed to be a test anyway right? We’re all eventually going to die. So the main part is, we cannot let others bring us down. Because we have greater things for us out there, to be petty and to keep nagging is beneath us. We just need to know who to ignore and who to listen to, and you and I will be just fine 🙂
      Have a happy day lovely 🙂

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  3. salaam My sister, Indeed we live in a rough world and to protect from getting hurt is difficult since the one hurting us are near n dear ones esp from relatives. May Allah give Hidayat to all our relatives who indulge in senseless talking and hurtful talks. Actually jealousy and frustration often comes through harsh words or they are just looking for events to put down others. Life is a test , ups n down , hurt and resentments ,all are part of it. I know you are very positive person and strong too but sometimes we have to take it out so we can focus back on our lives and I guess your post is just a vent out to such vibrations.Stay in Peace ! much love to you !

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    • Aww my lovely sister! Wasalam! Yes we do live in a very rough world, but that is just it. We have to strive through.
      I suppose it was a vent, for it being too much. I’m sorry for the late reply but had so much other stuff! I hope you had a nice Eid 🙂

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