Fancy a feminist?

Salaam! I hope you’re all doing great, I know I’m not doing great with WordPress, I’m not reading here properly and I’m missing out on all of your gorgeous stuff but I couldn’t seem to fit my blog into my schedule, so whenever in sha Allah I am able to do that, I will definitely be more active.

Feminism, a topic which never fails to be brought up time and again. What is feminism though? Who brought it into the open? How do you have to think to be a feminist? Is one sort of feminism opposing to an another? Does feminism really even exist?

So many questions, yet not really any actual answers.

The thing is, feminism is something that does tend to steer out of control, but at the same time it is an important factor. It helped women to finally do what they can do today, and now we have a large group of men who are feminists, too. Women have always remained a sensitive issue in our history, I’m not sure why that’s been the case, I’m quite sure Adam and Eve didn’t have the issues that women faced later on. That’s a point I don’t often understand, but the point is, feminism is still a thing.

I’m not against feminism, not at all, I’ve always been inclined to it, but I think today lots of women are forgetting the actual problems that women suffer from and instead introduce a certain “freedom” that really only belongs to the elite, who have no cares and worries like the common woman does.

Why won’t a die hard feminist let her maid have a holiday on women’s day? Rather ironic, yes? Is showing off and dancing in public really what we want to do? Don’t you think women have REAL problems? And yes, I do not believe that the society that we live in will change just because you bring a dance routine into a crowded bazaar, men in the subcontinent do not have the mental capability to absorb that a woman could do that and get away with it. They will laugh at you, they will ridicule you, but darling they will not join your flashmob and then become your best friends. It does not work that way.

Point of my post is, let’s address real things here. Women who suffer from abuse, women who are denied an education and a job, women who want to do something more with their lives and talents. Let’s help them out for a change instead of moaning on and on about what a ‘narrow minded’ society we live in. I agree that a lot of things here are narrow minded and rather unislamically conservative, but let’s look at the broader perspective and join to make feminism the right cause.

But again, is my feminism the same as yours?

Let me be

Salaam! So let me warn you beforehand that this is not one of my usual positive kind of sides.

Today I’m going to ask a question. Why is it so hard for people to be good? Why can’t folks just be nice to you, if they want to talk about something serious, why not just be civilised and have a normal discussion about it? Why do they have to be so rude and impatient about it?

I’m a calm person, usually I don’t flare up or anything. But lately it’s just been too much and I feel this intense anger inside me that is absolutely burning and I can’t seem to let go of it. I feel angry at almost everyone and everything.

I’ve lost trust in humanity. I’m trying not to lose hope, we do have good people here. I’m just going to focus on the good ones in my life. So what if a lot of the people I know don’t give a care about how I might feel. So what if I try hard to please and it just ain’t happening. I have my select group of people and I cannot be bothered leaving this bubble anymore. I feel like dealing with these people is pointless and sometimes with the most absurd reactions.

I don’t know. Maybe I should try harder. But it’s come too far. I don’t want to anymore. If those people don’t bother, then should I really waste my time when I could be using that for people who care about me?

That’s the hard part though. You can’t break off relations. You have to maintain ties. It might seem impossible, it certainly does at the moment, ┬ábut hopefully it’ll work out. Hopefully.

May you not see such horrid days and people, take care of yourselves folks. It’s an unbelievably hypocritical world a live in.