The saying on my wall


Hope you’re all doing fine, are doing something positive in your lives and trying to make something better happen, because for sure there are SO many people who are definitely being a little too negative for me.

I have a saying on my wall, it says,


“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.

Ibn Battuta”


Now, I know I don’t know how my whole travelling dream will come to pass, sure I’ve made plans and read up a lot, but I don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow so I doubt I’ll know about what’s going to happen in the next few years. Yes, I don’t have the complete freedom to just pack my bags and leave home to go wherever I want to, but then, who does anyway? We’ve all got our paths, our storylines, to follow, right?

So when someone comes over and they sit talking to me in my room and read that quote, most of them go, “Oh, you’re going to travel the world? Maybe dream something that’s slightly possible now?” And so much more, where I’ve been made fun off to plain just thought stupid for dreaming it. I’ve thought of hiding the quote so people don’t see it, I don’t talk of my dreams anymore.

But I have still got something to say. I want to tell all those people out there to stop. If someone is strong enough to dream about something, then let her or him do it. If you cannot, then that does not mean you go about trying to destroy and ridicule those who want to think and dream.

It’s because of negative people like these that dreams are shattered and hearts broken. I just want to say, stop. Don’t be so horrid. You don’t know what I’ve been through or where life is going to take me, so I’d rather you stop being all high and mighty and stop right there. I’m glad to actually have a dream, I read about different places, in my books  I’ve been to half the world already, and it sparks my curiosity about the other half. I do not spend all my time thinking how many likes and comments I’ve had, I do not bother myself with how many times I’ve worn a kameez, petty things like that are what bring us down. They make us forget what we can actually achieve, our true potential.

So I’ve just got to say this, all you out there who think I’m a naive little person who doesn’t know what she rambles on about or what she dreams of, please go and sort yourself out first. You’ll never believe what dreams hide within you!


25 thoughts on “The saying on my wall

  1. They think that it is impossible for your dream to come true.Perhaps it is because they think if they had the same dream they won’t be able to make it come true. -sigh-
    We shouldn’t doubt people,because hey everyone can do that. 😛 Let’s try something different. ^_~
    You’ve already begun traveling,traveling to your dreams with your positivity! ❤
    Don't take that quote of your wall. 😛 Add more like it to annoy those people. XD That's not evil right?

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  2. Agreed.Well said. Nobody has right to belittle others dreams. I think the ones who do are the ones without dreams and shallow from inside. May Allah fulfill your wishes and dreams and you travel rest of the world. He is the one to say kun fayakun and it happens 🙂

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  3. I had a lot of things on my bucket list. I still do. I did what I could. I will complete the rest too inshallah. The thing is, just a year ago, I was so desperate and under depression cuz I was screwed literally with bad grades and even flunked in 2 subs of the final semester, because of which I almost lose my job offer I got via campus recruitment, and relatives were being so cruel by taunting every way possible, I even thought of ending everything, which I would have if not for the support from my parents and siblings. When everything is a mess and when it can’t get more messier, it slowly starts to fall back to its place. Well, not entirely on its own, our work and almighty Allah’s blessings ofcourse. Now I wrote the exam again and passed with better marks, saved my job(Allah’s miracle) and moved to Bangalore. It was going fine when things went bad again and Bangalore life was getting worse and I became so lonely that I again was going to the doomed state where I wandered alone in the city thinking how to set the things straight. Within a week I got my first project in Pune. I changed my city again, started afresh leaving all the depressing memories behind and now I’m very happy with my new life. I don’t earn much, but I do what I love and that’s keeping me happy.
    The point is, you do what you can, the rest Allah will do it for you! Don’t wait for things to get done on its own though. Post more quotes on your wall, it keeps you inspired. That’s what I do! 🙂
    Sorry for the long blah blah. 😀

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    • Note: other than my parents and siblings, no one knew about my final semester results. 😛 if they knew, they would have got me married and I would not have done any of these. So alhamdulillah for having parents and siblings who believed in me.

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      • Aw man thank you for writing all that for me! You certainly have had your ups and downs, but I’m glad you had people who stood by for you, and you took their hand and stood up too. Tough things happen, yeah, and I hope you achieve more success after seeing all that. It’s the people who actually know you who matter I guess, right? It’s the people who believe in you that you should care about.
        In sha Allah I will try, and because of you I’m inclined to go that extra mile, because I see how things can change in the most amazing manners subhanAllah 🙂
        Stay blessed, I loved your long ‘bla bla’, it certainly was more than bla bla for me dearest 🙂

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        • yeah! The people who know are the only who matters! But sometimes even such trusted people turn their back on you because of the silliest of misunderstandings, and you start to question your trust. That’s what happened in Bangalore with me. But Allah saved me from that trauma too.
          Sometimes you just can’t think of any way possible when Allah solves our problem with such simple yet miraculous solutions! My employer had called me and said I’m no longer in the selected list as I don’t have the qualification needed anymore! I can’t even list the miracles happened to save my job.. Such ling a list. Allah changed the way my university works, the way my employer works, and whatnot!
          Thank you for listening to my rants 😛 😀

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  4. I love the saying on your wall! It’s beautiful, really. Simple yet thought-provoking.

    I don’t think we should bother ourselves with what people say or think of us, if you ask me. Although I struggle with it myself haha 😅 But honestly some people just won’t stop passing judgments or objecting to anything we do. But it doesn’t matter really. Their opinions are irrelevant to what we want in life. The only thing that truly matters is whether Allah is Pleased with us, so as long as we’re doing the right thing we have nothing to worry about. Alhumdulillah. So don’t take that saying off! After all someday it might help remind you to share your travel stories with your readers, in case you forget. 😉

    May Allah make all you dreams and wishes come true. Ameen 💖

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    • Salaam! I dont know why I never saw this before 😭😭😭
      But thank you so much for the positive energy and enthusiasm Yusra! It’s always such a delight to hear from you!
      Yes in sha Allah I will get to follow what I dream of and ignore the negativity that surrounds – and maybe I might get to share it toi 😊

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      • Wa’alaikumussalaam! Haha yeah it’s been a long time, I was wondering why you didn’t reply 😊 Hope you’re doing good.
        And yes we shouldn’t let other people’s negativity get in our way, ever. I wish you all the best in your future pursuits! 💗

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  5. If we don’t dream big, how are we even going to get started? No matter what it is we always have a certain way to do it planed out in our minds and that makes it a lot easier to carry on with it. I think dreams are more like plans, first you do it in your head and then you make it happen.
    I’ve been laughed at due to my dreams. But it only gave me more determination to turn them into reality and prove these people wrong. And by the mercy of Allah I have lived through my dreams, that were once laughed at. It’s only a matter of holding on and asking the one who is the best of planners to turn them into reality.

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