The saying on my wall


Hope you’re all doing fine, are doing something positive in your lives and trying to make something better happen, because for sure there are SO many people who are definitely being a little too negative for me.

I have a saying on my wall, it says,


“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.

Ibn Battuta”


Now, I know I don’t know how my whole travelling dream will come to pass, sure I’ve made plans and read up a lot, but I don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow so I doubt I’ll know about what’s going to happen in the next few years. Yes, I don’t have the complete freedom to just pack my bags and leave home to go wherever I want to, but then, who does anyway? We’ve all got our paths, our storylines, to follow, right?

So when someone comes over and they sit talking to me in my room and read that quote, most of them go, “Oh, you’re going to travel the world? Maybe dream something that’s slightly possible now?” And so much more, where I’ve been made fun off to plain just thought stupid for dreaming it. I’ve thought of hiding the quote so people don’t see it, I don’t talk of my dreams anymore.

But I have still got something to say. I want to tell all those people out there to stop. If someone is strong enough to dream about something, then let her or him do it. If you cannot, then that does not mean you go about trying to destroy and ridicule those who want to think and dream.

It’s because of negative people like these that dreams are shattered and hearts broken. I just want to say, stop. Don’t be so horrid. You don’t know what I’ve been through or where life is going to take me, so I’d rather you stop being all high and mighty and stop right there. I’m glad to actually have a dream, I read about different places, in my books  I’ve been to half the world already, and it sparks my curiosity about the other half. I do not spend all my time thinking how many likes and comments I’ve had, I do not bother myself with how many times I’ve worn a kameez, petty things like that are what bring us down. They make us forget what we can actually achieve, our true potential.

So I’ve just got to say this, all you out there who think I’m a naive little person who doesn’t know what she rambles on about or what she dreams of, please go and sort yourself out first. You’ll never believe what dreams hide within you!

The Storyline

Salaam! Hope you’re all good.

So, as you all know, I’m human and I have my down days. I have my moments where I sit and think of why something particular didn’t happen to me and how something could’ve been different etc. etc.

But one way I get back on track is when I realise it’s all predestined. Yes, we have our choices, but our choices depend on the destiny we have. Our lives have been planned like a story book, we will follow certain paths, and there we will be subject to decisions and choices, because after all we do choose what kind of lives we want to lead.

To make sense of what I said let me put it into these words, for example you could’ve been a poor person. Now, it has been written that you will be poor and you will not have the money to live lavishly as you see others do. You can either think positively and say, oh well, this dunya isn’t meant for me anyway, let’s just get this over with with a good attitude so Allah is happy that I still made the most of my unfortunate situation. Or, you could think, why was I chosen for this and not riches? Then spend the rest of your life sighing over what could’ve been, eventually ending up in a depressed state of mind where you do not want to do anything good or worthwhile.

The choice is yours.

So, what my point is, don’t dwell on what your life could’ve been and how something different could’ve happened. You weren’t meant for this place anyway, and so we were all cast as different characters in a big storyline, a story encompassing such a massive span of history and area. Doesn’t that itself feel marvellous? To be a part of something so huge, such a massive project that God laid out. You’re going to have to play your role, you don’t and maybe you can’t understand why, but that doesn’t mean you don’t play your role to the fullest.

Relish your character, because the part you got picked for was what you played best. Now choose to play it positively and prove that you can do the best to your ability.

JazakAllah for reading and have a lovely day!