Up and away maybe?

Salaam everyone! I know I know, don’t blog as often anymore. To be honest I find that I want to read more than write these days.

We’re all aware of everything that’s happening, and it is so sick it is amazing. Are our lives so petty to major powers that they feel they can play around with them? Kill who they want, bomb who they want and then just issue statements expressing sorrow? How hypocritical can these people be?

I was thinking about this as I sat by my window, with the rain pouring down and splashing everywhere. We’ve been given this beautiful world to live in, and instead of trying to beautify life we tend to kill off anyone who doesn’t agree with our standards.

What standards? Does everyone not have the right to have standards of their own? If your standards have no legit base then I rather think opinions should be given a level of tolerance that they are not. How you define normal and how I define normal could be completely different in both our thinking. But that’s because we were made that way. And we were made that way so we could see the diversity Allah has created, to enjoy it, to discover more of how interesting the world is. Instead, we think to argue with whoever disagrees with us. STOP. Now. If you disagree with someone, give them their space. They are entitled to their opinions. Don’t force your ideas down them. That isn’t how we work, we work because we have such a diverse group of people doing different things which help us all in different ways.

And though I’ve said this before I’ll say it again, give people the benefit of the doubt. The only way we can now bring some change is to be positive ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you know the other person doesn’t deserve it, just do it. Be positive yourself, because otherwise I doubt we’ll ever change. The biggest problem I see is the lack of tolerance. Be more patient, please! Kill your ego, learn from others, work hard to see them smile. Don’t be the negative one, even if you’re left out, even if nobody likes you, try and work to bringing a positive aspect to that. You and me, we’re both given qualities which we have to use, don’t destroy the potential they own. Work on it, make sure you start today. Write it down maybe, and soon you’ll be impressed by your own doings and the results you get.

Wasalaam! Take loads of care.

Until whenever I write again!