Sabr means… to be patient?

Salaam! Hope you’re all well and having a great month of Ramadan, although it does seem to be going away so quick!

I wanted to talk today about sabr. I heard someone talking about it, so I figured, this is rather a good thing.

We have to be patient in a lot of situations, situations and places where we cannot afford to lose our temper. But that’s not entirely sabr, because sabr comes when you are content.

If you know you’ve got some high official at your back and he’s handling your affairs, you know you don’t have to worry. Right? If you have a problem and you have someone high and mighty go,  “Oh don’t worry, sahab ji, I’ll handle it”, you’ll automatically feel rather relieved right?

That’s exactly what Allah says. He says He is with those who are the sabireen, the people who do sabr. Now, you can’t get any one who’s higher and mightier than the Creator, the Owner Himself. So why not try doing sabr when life gets tough, and in sha Allah He’ll  be there to sort every thing out. He owns the place, my friends, He literally made everything. All the problems, all the emotions, all the people, all the things, all the planets, everything! He is THE one you would want by your side.

So why not? When the going gets tough, then why not let Him hold the ropes and decide what to do. We seem to be very good at getting ourselves into trouble, I think it’s time we surrendered to Him.

Submitted to Him. Islam means submission, and eventually when we submit we adopt sabr. The moment sabr rules your lives, you shall be the most content person on the planet. Believe this! Because He says it Himself, so many times in the Qur’an. It’s like He’s worried so He keeps assuring us He’s by our side. All we got to do is have trust and be patient.

What do you say folks? Shall we give this a try? Shall we aim to accept and trust Allah with whatever happens? Because the moment we do, is the moment we attain what we most deserve.


Must Return!

Salaam! Hope you guys are having one great Ramadan 🙂

I haven’t written here or read other blogs and I feel like I so need to now.

So I shall begin! I might not be writing much these days for some abominable unknown reason but hopefully I haven’t lost that spark and I can write, write, write away!

I’m back! *terminator reference anyone?*

Keep this humbled, weird soul in your prayers, may we all be granted Jannah and may our hardships in this world be easier. Remember the ummah that still suffers from war, the brothers and sisters who have no relief and no easy space.

May we all be guided, may we all find our way to Allah and peace.

Take care, and until next time,


After the Prophet PBUH…

Salaam! I hope all of yous out there are having a fantastic Ramadan! Try to do your best and catch all that thawab!

To get on with my post today, however, I’d like to introduce a book I’ve been reading. Having seen it everywhere, I figured I had to know why it was so popular and set about getting the book for myself.

“After the Prophet” by Lesley Hazleton is a book which revolves around the events of the succession to the caliphate after our prophet PBUH breathes his last. I agree the succession must have been a big decision, as leading the ummah right after the prophet leaves this world is rather a difficult position, but the way this book presents it is not exactly how it could have happened.

The book turns the love and brotherhood that surrounded the companions into a fierce challenge of political rivalry and jealousy. How and why would we ever think that the companions could be so savage in their thoughts about each other? They were the highest in their Iman, and it surprises me that this book gained so much popularity.

The book also deals with the Sunni Shia split, which might be one reason for its popularity, but I am saddened to think that this division is only stabbed at more, the wound between the two is never allowed to heal, when it should. We cannot live as separate factions anymore, we need all the unity we can get! And the way that book describes it, it seems as if Sunnis and Shias were destined to be sworn enemies since before the Prophet PBUH passed away.

Basically I wanted to highlight something which had caught my eye, something which disturbs me as I am aware that it cannot possible, in a rational sense, be true! Ours is a religion which was based on brotherhood, akhuwat, we cannot be so brutally against each other.

On a more positive note, another book which I’m going to be reading is “Lost Islamic History” by Firas Alkhateeb. It is a basic and sort of summarized version of our history, covering all the eras in a way which makes it clear and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend it, we should know some basic history! To stay ignorant is an absurdity we have to eradicate.

And that’s all for today folks, take care!