You’re kidding!


I haven’t been around for ages, I know. I wanted to blog about something but I wasn’t quite sure what I could blog about. So as soon as something popped into my really dead head, I decided to write away!

Recently, I got the shock of my life (maybe a wee exaggeration) when my friend didn’t know what I was talking about when I saw a pyramid perched on top of a bank, and then starting from that scene to my discussing politics and history and conspiracy theories (I’m really into conspiracies hehe). I do not endorse my beliefs concerning any sects or occults or whatever so I shall not state any, but the point is she wasn’t aware of it’s existance either! The things I was talking about were absolutely new for her, and we aren’t exactly new to this world if you know what I mean.

Selective ignorance is how I’d describe it. I love my share of movies and drama but I’m never really up to date about the lives of Josh Hutcherson or Emma Stone or whoever. I can’t watch every video Superwoman or Marcus Butler has posted onto youtube. She, on the other hand, knows EVERYTHING.

I’m not criticising on what she knows, what bugs me is that all of this does not affect our own everyday lives, and the stuff that does affect us, she has no clue of it. How are we supposed to actually grow if we don’t know about the basics? Why should I not be aware of the deeper politics infiltrating every single day that I breathe?

And yes, I had a face that said “You’re kidding!” when she told me she didn’t know it, but it’s still not too late. If you guys don’t know about what’s happening in the world, then go find out. It might be happening a thousand miles away but it sure affects you. Get your history and geography right, we should know all of this!

Yes, we have small, maybe even insignificant, places in this world, but as Horton puts it, “A person is a person no matter how small” you are still a person! A soul, a life, and I doubt you’re here without a reason. Why would we be here if there was no reason? A daft idea if you ask me! You breathe out to the world, make sure it’s not ignorant. Make sure you send out intellectual vibes. Start building the side of you that’s way more fun to build, the satisfaction and happiness you’ll get when you see your brain chugging away! Happy sighing.

And so with that, I’ll come to an end. I shall try to write something cool creatively, and not make it a month before I post.

Take care, read away.

Peace out!

P.S. Could anyone guess what I meant by the pyramids on top of the bank?


19 thoughts on “You’re kidding!

  1. Haha this is something we have in common.Really. XD
    I don’t know how some people can keep up with whats happening in celebs life.And to actually be up to date about such things.
    And here I am trying to figure out what is happening in my life.
    I have seen those surprised faces and heard the“You’re kidding!” as well.Well actually sometimes they just won’t believe me that I don’t know such and such person. 😛

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  2. I think I know what those pyramids mean. Anyways yeah you’re right there. History is really imp. History repeats itself if we don’t learn from it. Keeping up to date is really important. I love reading the newspaper in the morning if I have time. I love being up to date with whatever’s happening in the world.

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      • Trust me I am cool BECAUSE I am clueless. Part of the charm you feel me? 😉 Now excuse me, whilst my inflating ego and I go to a corner to revel (see what I did there?) at being someone’s idea of a cool person 😏

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        • Okay I’ll trust you since we’re both on the opposite sides of this internet thing and I have no other option 😀
          Jokes, I’m quite sure you’re awesome.
          And YES I saw you’re sneaky little wordplay so go on revel away 😛

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  3. Helllooooo,,
    I am quite intrigued by conspiracy stuff too. There are many people who are either unaware or choose to disbelieve. And I am not sure what to believe really. Politics is a crazy thing. So is media. You never know when its the truth and what’s a lie. Like recently, they were showing theories on how 9/11 could be an inside job. But I agree with you, one must always be informed of surroundings.
    P.S. Are you referring to the Rothschild conspiracy with pyramid on bank? I know pyramid with the eye refers to Illuminati.

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    • Heyyy,
      Yay I’m glad you understand it too 😀
      Yes it is crazy, you can’t ever trust history or the news or all that but you see it’s never good to not know at all! Knowing different perspectives gives a rough idea if what might’ve been.
      And yeah I was referring to that, good to see people knowing 😉

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  4. I believe in conspiracies too. Especially cow conspiracy. I have been sure of this for a long time. I even wrote a post on that. Cows are the great conspirators of the world, helped by the dogs who are vying for the top position for two years running now.

    Anyway, thought provoking post as usual. My dad always tells me, “A person should have an informed opinion on all things around him or her. An informed opinion is formed when you have your eyes and ears open.” I know it’s not practically possible to have an opinion on everything, let alone an informed one, but with all the technology around us, it’s not that difficult to try. If only people would read one good newspaper (online or paper) daily, the world would be a much more knowledgeable place.

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    • Bravo at your conspiracies sulphur dude 😀 where would the world be without them?
      I know we can’t know everything, but I mean, I don’t wanna knock at someone’s skull and hear echoes inside if you know what I mean!
      Your dad is a wise man 🙂


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