To change or not to change, that is the question

Salaam folks!

I have a lot of ideas going around in my head, since I’m talking about bringing some change, let’s talk about that. I think we all feel like we owe our part to help induce positivity and happiness here in our world, right?

First off, and I know we all know this and probably think of it,too, but first off we have to bring the change in ourselves! What bothers me is that people will watch all kinds of inspirational videos where they listen with rapt attention to the speaker who tries to get the audience to stop something negative, then compliment him/her on the lecture, and then a few hours later – BAM –¬†they’re doing the same thing!

I think we have more self control than that! Take one step at a time, but at least take it!

For example, I’ve been blessed to have some pretty cool parents Alhamdullilah and something I’ve always taken for granted about them is that they give people the benefit of the doubt. Since they’ve done that so consistently throughout my life, I do the same thing. I can’t judge people based on what I see because I believe they have their own side to the story. On the other hand, what I see on a regular basis outside my home is something that is disturbing. Why on earth are folks so quick to jump to conclusions? Why can’t we let each other just¬†be!

And when the inspirational video pops up, they’re nodding away like anything.

Take note : I am NOT saying I’m good or anything of the sort, I have my own faults, and being online prevents you from seeing them haha!

Anyway, what I mean is for people to start focusing on themselves! To be honest, it’s fun when you take up the challenge to change something, we all need a direction and goal right? It’s how we’re made, we need to strive towards some end. Well, now you will have some!

After you’ve started working on that, only then can you introduce it to society.

What I want to do (though I haven’t even got past the first step) is to leave a mark. To do something that gives instead of takes, to see the smile one puts on someone’s face by being generous to them. Install a water tap, help out with someone’s cleaning once in a while, etc. you get what I mean. Pray I get to do something too, put in my part for the world.

And something I’d like to tag in the end – spend some time with the older generation, the grandparents generation. Take walks, have a Ghalib night (my grand dad loves poetry, you can always switch Ghalib for something else!), just talk to them! The joy it gives them takes your breath away, and on a not so selfless note, you get to learn a lot too!