Don’t judge her by her clothes
Or by the perfume she wears.
Don’t snicker because you can
Or backbite thinking you’re pure
Actually, don’t back bite at all.
Just don’t.
Look beyond what is seen
Perceive beyond observation
Come sit below.
Where your heart is hard, soften
Where your mind is soft, harden
Let divine love enter you,
Don’t resist.
Please don’t.
To blame is not to conquer,
To slay is not victory.
Taste your own defeat.
Burn down these walls of hate!
We’re from the same glacier
Flowing down the same mountains.
Forgive; forget rituals
Don’t defame what is our fame.


38 thoughts on “Don’t.

  1. Amazing words !!! Woww they are so beautiful!!!! And the meanings hidden so dep!! mashaAllah this one was worth spending my time reading!!!!!! Barakh Allah feekum… this talent of yours to convey such words with deep meanings is indeed amazing!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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