The Middle East Obsession

I know I haven’t been around much, but here I go again.

When I was twelve, I fantasized about the middle east. I’m not joking, I was this weird kid who loved Arab things; languages, cultures, I don’t know why it began but till now I have this thing for them (any Arabs here? :D)

Anyway, you can imagine my heartbreak when I realised things were going horribly wrong there. My conscious state now emerging, I was more aware of everything going on and starting from Palestine to Iraq and Afghanistan, to Syria, Lebanon, everything that went wrong wounded me.

I’m not one of those people who don’t look to what’s close around them, yes when my Pakistani fellowmen are in trouble and grief I cry my heart out and I want to help them out really bad, but here I talk of the Middle East.

Recently I watched a video on the destruction in Syria, and it got me thinking, How in world did that happen? There was this talk show on TV that I was watching and it was about how Russia had raided Syria about 280 times because they want to root out ISIS. And about oh, about a hundred thousand people were killed then, and about another killed at this time. I mean, really? Yes, ISIS is a huge threat and I condemn what they do, but bombing civilians is the answer? I mean what are you thinking? 280? That is a massive number! So much money, on bombing and destruction! WE’RE ALL HUMAN!

I don’t even know what to write. I’m quite sure all of you feel the pain. If not because they’re our Muslim brothers and sisters, for at least the fact that they are humans. And nobody has the right to kill so haphazardly.

It’s ridiculous.

I still love the area, and I dream to explore those lands one day. I just hope I get to. I hope God gives the attackers some sense and our ummah peace.



32 thoughts on “The Middle East Obsession

  1. Walikumasalam! (:
    Firstly…Ameen for you dua.
    Well done,Rev!
    This planet shouldn’t be called earth anymore because that’s where humanity and sanity existed!
    Allah pochay ga un sab darindon say jo maasum logon ki jaan kai zaya karnay walay hain!
    InnaAllah ma’as sabireen!

    Jazakillah khair for this post.

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  2. I know I shouldn’t open some bitter rant online, but Arabic countries and their governments are shit.
    I know which Arabic countries you’re talking about though. The ones that are suffering… It’s gonna consume all of the gulf/Arabic nations soon. All the good ones and the shitty ones… And Russia ain’t bombarding to end ISIS. Same as KSA ain’t bombarding Yemen for Houthis.
    They’re all doing it for power. Arabs have got natural resources. They’ve got gas and oil. That’s all everyone cares about. ISIS/Daesh/AlQaeda etc is all propaganda…

    But there’s nothing so fascinating about living in an Arabic country as a Pakistani or simply as a South Asian. You’re only in for racism and deprivation of basic human rights and lots of manipulative monopoly on part of the government as it robs you of ten times more than it provides you.

    It used to be nice around 40 years ago… Arabs were more cultural, more hospitable, more Muslim. They used to live up to the loving and the compassionate and warm genuine ways of Islam, but as they got more and more commercial, it all got ruined. Very gradually, the laws changed and literally we’re all just in for more and more trouble. It gets worse for us all the time.

    There are too many conditions on how expats get educated. Too many conditions on how we live. How we earn. How we drive. On our health. Our residence. Our visas.

    And you know what sucks big time? Driving around the streets and seeing these huge villas where they live with 6 cars parked outside and the designer clothes they wear while we live in one bedroom hall apartments with hardly enough salaries to pay for our education ’cause the rents and groceries are enough expensive as it is.
    And you might think well, with a student visa, you can work right? Haha. No. You can’t. It’s against the law. (WHAT?!) (WHICH COUNTRY DOES THAT?! A STUDENT NEEDS TO EARN IN ORDER TO PAY FOR HIS EDUCATION!) (HA! BUT NO. THIS IS KHALEEJ. YOU’RE A PIECE OF SCUM HERE. ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON WHAT LITTLE YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN.) You’re entirely dependent on what your mom or dad earn for you and that’s hardly ever enough. They make sure to never give us our salaries in full and to never in fact give us a sustainable amount.

    There are too many families here with such less income, it’s a miracle they survived.

    It sucks to go to the mall where the price tag is enough to depress you and make you feel worthless.

    Arab countries are extremely expensive. Especially for expats cause expats are never given enough salaries.

    Or even to just watch their lavishly furnished homes, oh my god, they’re like castles.

    If you ever tell all of this to a Kuwaiti, he’ll just go, “well, get the hell out of here if you’re so ungrateful for the favors we have done to you. I can see the “ungrateful” culture you belong too.”





    Yeah… “favors”.

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    • Aww man that sucks big time. Yeah I’ve heard they don’t really treat Pakistanis nicely and stuff and that living their can get pretty shitty.
      Just to clear the stuff, I’m not in favour of their decisions and governments I just love the languages and the history and stuff. And yes I think you know what the suffering thing is about.
      I’m disappointed to say the least. I mean, what did we ever do to you? And Yeah i know Russia isn’t doing it for ISIS, the power urge is too strong. The power urge is in Saudi too, and whoever can grab that power is just gonna want more. Us public is eventually the pawn in their games. Sucks big time. And then even when the legit person tries to help others out, the politics comes into play and basically stabs him. So yeah, that’s why I was feeling so bad.
      I feel for you man, living in the Arab world, I mean mate we’re all Muslims here! Hello! Unfortunately, it’s all happening and it shouldn’t. Let’s pray to see it go away. Or maybe try to put in a part and work something out, I’ve been thinking of what we could do, you know slowly slowly do something. It frustrates me about how little I am at times, but little things are needed right?
      I pray Allah makes it easier for you dearest ukhti, you’re such a nice person and I’m sad that you go through that 😦

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      • I know right? This world is such a tangled up mess of problems, it’s mind boggling.
        It’s okay, though, revels… We get through.
        I agree with the US point.
        Have you read the hunger games? Sometimes I think that the US is the Capitol while all the Muslim World are the 12 districts, forced to fight and kill each other… :/
        May Allah guide humanity. 😦

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        • Omg omg I know right! I think that too. The hunger games fits so perfectly.
          But. Insha Allah one day it’ll be us who shall have peace. Even the people who are behind the attacks aren’t in peace inside. So. Yeah.
          It’s a strange world. I don’t get it at times. At all.

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  3. I agree with you sis. The damage which Russia has done is much more bigger than what ISIS would have done. But if any of the muslim raise voice against Russia then people will think Muslims support ISIS :(. Sad very sad. Unfortunately we are forced to keep quiet. May Allah give strength to the people of Syria and other such suffering countries especially to children. My heart really goes out to them.

    Kash ki ye sarhaden na hoti….kash ek insaan ek insaan se mil sakta….kash koi na puchta ki tum konse desh aur konse mulk se ho…to shayad hum kuch kar pate…:( Everyday I think these lines.

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    • Oh man ukhti those lines at the end got to my heart! Exactly. I wish we could do something. I wish we could break these boundaries and be able to do something! End this terror and torture. It’s too much. Its too much.

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  4. The silence of the entire Muslim and Arab world when thousands of innocent people continue to be killed is very unfortunate. There’s so much that can be done to end the ongoing crisis in the Middle East only if all the Muslim nations unite under the banner of Islam. As for us, all we can do is pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering oppression in these countries. May Allah Ψ³Ψ¨Ψ­Ψ§Ω†Ω‡ و ΨͺΨΉΨ§Ω„Ω‰ protect our Ummah and grant us victory against the disbelieving people, Ameen.

    It’s sad how we get so busy with our lives that we forget about those who are suffering. May Allah forgive us. The least we can do is pray for them and show our support through donations and spreading awareness. Jazak Allah khair for the reminder ukhti! πŸ’–

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  5. Yes its saddening what’s happening out there and the amount of merciless attitude they have to face from these nameless Jets who’ll drop bombs. No one is safe and yet they are fighting, most of the ISIS came out of innocent people who wanted to protect their mothers and sisters from being r**** or when ‘humans’ came knocking on their door to kill them.

    Yes they are bad and i recognise that but innocent people are being killed for the crimes of those who have a story which is narrated by CNN or BBC, quite unfair though.

    Russia, Saudia and USA all are just part of the attackers, everyone is joining in and giving themselves a reason to invade for power. Now the oil crisis is like that too, it is because of ISIS because they are selling it at such a lower price worldwide (giving it free to their own people lol) that other oil nations are breaking up.

    I too have an obsession with middle east too but mine would extend to Mecca, Medina, Kabul, Istanbul … maybe i love the cities more than the countries with all their gibberish talk. I do not know much about politics there but as a person mentioned above its bad for other Nationalities, much bad. Arabs treat non-arabs like S*** tbh. That’s what i have heard from people, the culture we both love is still in rural areas where modern culture has not invaded yet.

    Only because of my love of the way of Arabs i wear long Thoubs and all, it also has clear links with the Sunnah of our Prophet SAW. Another confession would be that it is extremely comfortable, elegant and most serene way to dress. It covers whole body double fold equal to that of a jilbab. The way it drops all the way to the shins is incredible, its so much more comfortable than the normal Shalwar kameez even, trousers and shirts don’t even count in comfortable when compared to that.

    I think that would be enough. Lastly we should all pray for the conditions of the Ummah as a whole and as the first thing try to get our own Lives on right direction because at the end we will be asked about our own selves first then what we thought about the whats happening out there. Because we discussing this here is near or less not going to affect anyone, pray for them and if you earn give charity to actually help and play a role.

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    • Wow thanks for that comment. I did not know of ISIS giving oil to their people like that. Yes when you realise the actually innocent stories behind the scenes it Iis absolutely heartbreaking. Such injustice! It’s strange when you think that eventually, we are all humans. The attackers and the attacked. It’s sad.
      Han I suppose it IS the actually cities which invite more. The history and stuff probably intensifies the longing, though yeah the actual countries aren’t probably as interesting completely.
      And yes Arabs don’t like non Arabs. I asked one once, and I found out that apparently they think Pakistanis are dumb and are rather shocked that we could be a nuclear power. That. I. Do. Not. Like.
      Haha yeah I suppose is comfortable though I haven’t had that experience lol of wearing a thoub. πŸ‘
      Absolutely. We’re only answerable for ourselves, so let’s just hope all of us can get our friggin lives in order so that as an ummah we can stop being treated like we are.

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  6. The situation here isn’t all that good. Do keep the Middle East in your prayers.
    I just wanted to tell you that not all people are bad. Every nation has good and bad people. I live and study with the Arabs. I agree that they have bad points but their good points are far better than their bad ones you know. I am a Pakistani and I have been discriminated at various points but the love i have gotten from them is much greater.
    Last week I gave a speech about the partition between Pakistan and India, I ended up getting a little emotional in the end and everybody in the crowd cried with me. They all hugged me and told me Pakistan is the pride of all Muslim nations. You see these are the people who take care of the House of Allah and the its pilgrims.
    I won’t say they are all good, but I tell you the good ones amongst them don’t have substitutes. They are the best, the most knowledge about deen.

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    • Yes I do pray for them 😦
      Wow MaSha Allah I’m happy that there are really nice sympathetic people. Of course, no place can have a completely bad population. I suppose you wanted to assure me after the negative comments I got, so thank you.
      Love how you brought out the positive, although I wish Pakistanis weren’t discriminated against at all, I suppose we have to live with it since it is eventually a test.

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