Don’t judge her by her clothes
Or by the perfume she wears.
Don’t snicker because you can
Or backbite thinking you’re pure
Actually, don’t back bite at all.
Just don’t.
Look beyond what is seen
Perceive beyond observation
Come sit below.
Where your heart is hard, soften
Where your mind is soft, harden
Let divine love enter you,
Don’t resist.
Please don’t.
To blame is not to conquer,
To slay is not victory.
Taste your own defeat.
Burn down these walls of hate!
We’re from the same glacier
Flowing down the same mountains.
Forgive; forget rituals
Don’t defame what is our fame.

The Middle East Obsession

I know I haven’t been around much, but here I go again.

When I was twelve, I fantasized about the middle east. I’m not joking, I was this weird kid who loved Arab things; languages, cultures, I don’t know why it began but till now I have this thing for them (any Arabs here? :D)

Anyway, you can imagine my heartbreak when I realised things were going horribly wrong there. My conscious state now emerging, I was more aware of everything going on and starting from Palestine to Iraq and Afghanistan, to Syria, Lebanon, everything that went wrong wounded me.

I’m not one of those people who don’t look to what’s close around them, yes when my Pakistani fellowmen are in trouble and grief I cry my heart out and I want to help them out really bad, but here I talk of the Middle East.

Recently I watched a video on the destruction in Syria, and it got me thinking, How in world did that happen? There was this talk show on TV that I was watching and it was about how Russia had raided Syria about 280 times because they want to root out ISIS. And about oh, about a hundred thousand people were killed then, and about another killed at this time. I mean, really? Yes, ISIS is a huge threat and I condemn what they do, but bombing civilians is the answer? I mean what are you thinking? 280? That is a massive number! So much money, on bombing and destruction! WE’RE ALL HUMAN!

I don’t even know what to write. I’m quite sure all of you feel the pain. If not because they’re our Muslim brothers and sisters, for at least the fact that they are humans. And nobody has the right to kill so haphazardly.

It’s ridiculous.

I still love the area, and I dream to explore those lands one day. I just hope I get to. I hope God gives the attackers some sense and our ummah peace.