Break away

When you look up to the sky,

Your face on the verge of that cry,

And you desperately need,

Someone who’ll take heed,

You raise your hands, bow your head,

Your heart’s filled with a sadness and dread,

Some way, you need more strength,

And inner peace at length,

The walk is long and hard,

You’re always on your guard,

The need to let it go,

To break away from the flow,

Even in crowds, you feel alone,

Your spirit lies in the thrown stone,

The stone that waits to be flung,

And would rather break than be stung,

Listen to me, there’s more of you,

My sisters and brothers, I’m one, too,

And though I feel dejected and downcast,

I try to realize this fast,

I know giving it up is tough,

But remember, this dunya is a bluff,

We’re made for Jannah, not this land,

To finally reach Allah’s blessed hand,

Wouldn’t you rather forever?

Would preferring the dunya be clever?

So ignore the calls, the invitations of Shaytaan,

Sorry, you can’t publicly have a full tan!

So before your confusions begin,

And comes the temptation to sin,

Keep in mind, you were chosen,

To fulfill a higher mission,

Stop thinking of society and its evil,

Your ultimate enemy is the accursed devil,

Make your decision, choose wisely,

For you yourself seal your fate for eternity.


26 thoughts on “Break away

  1. We come to this world alone (unless accompanied by a twin in the womb of course)
    and yet, we feel it is like the end of the world when relationships fail and we are left alone. We often times forget that we are one with the Creator that Allah is always there. Somehow we disassociate with the at thought and try to find comfort of a human.
    “Even in crowds, you feel alone,”

    I can very well understand that feeling.

    Nice poem πŸ™‚


    • Thank YOU for such deep words! Yes indeed that is the case, we tend to look towards humans when in reality we can’t really be satisfied there.
      I hope you find your inner peace too πŸ™‚
      Jazakallah for reading!


  2. My feelings exactly. When despite trying so hard we consistently fail, keep making the same mistakes over and over again, keep falling into sin, and fail to make a positive change in our lives let alone positively influence others. But we gotta keep trying, because there’s nothing as “failure”, it just means we need to work harder, try new things and never ever give up. As always, beautifully expressed! Jazak Allah khair. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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