Break away

When you look up to the sky,

Your face on the verge of that cry,

And you desperately need,

Someone who’ll take heed,

You raise your hands, bow your head,

Your heart’s filled with a sadness and dread,

Some way, you need more strength,

And inner peace at length,

The walk is long and hard,

You’re always on your guard,

The need to let it go,

To break away from the flow,

Even in crowds, you feel alone,

Your spirit lies in the thrown stone,

The stone that waits to be flung,

And would rather break than be stung,

Listen to me, there’s more of you,

My sisters and brothers, I’m one, too,

And though I feel dejected and downcast,

I try to realize this fast,

I know giving it up is tough,

But remember, this dunya is a bluff,

We’re made for Jannah, not this land,

To finally reach Allah’s blessed hand,

Wouldn’t you rather forever?

Would preferring the dunya be clever?

So ignore the calls, the invitations of Shaytaan,

Sorry, you can’t publicly have a full tan!

So before your confusions begin,

And comes the temptation to sin,

Keep in mind, you were chosen,

To fulfill a higher mission,

Stop thinking of society and its evil,

Your ultimate enemy is the accursed devil,

Make your decision, choose wisely,

For you yourself seal your fate for eternity.

That’s so amazing!

Salaam folks! Hope you’re doing good and trying to be better 🙂
This post was sort of something that was in my head but then I watched this vlog by Subhi Taha and I thought I might as well post it since I’m in the mood haha. Subhi Taha is this half Palestinian half Filipino dude who used to make videos on YouTube, wasn’t a regular youtuber but his videos were cool. Now he’s some sort of designer I think and he uses Facebook and Twitter more I think, I don’t follow him so I don’t really know.
Anyway, this video is like a year old almost and back then the Chapel Hill shooting was the highlight of the day. So he talked about how despite not knowing them, so many people prayed for them. And that was amazing, I mean what’s in it for us, right? Why should we pray for three strangers? But so many people did, masha Allah.
After salah, if there’s to be a janazah (funeral), people usually stay on to attend it and pray for someone who had passed away, despite the fact that the deceased is unknown to most. Does that not make you so glad to be a part of such a community? Muslims all over the world will care for you and they will pray for you if they know about you.
After every incident, being insulted and degraded for being Muslim, being harassed and blamed for so much, being subjected to so much injustice, our ummah only grows stronger. We feel our identity more than before and strive more to protect it, to keep it thriving. I wanted to say, keep doing it my brothers and sisters. Keep striving. It’s amazing how we’re so conscious of our identity, because the day we lose our identity is the day we end. But staying the way Allah helps us here, I think we’ll get through.
Stay strong. Don’t give up, we’ll get through this. It’s hard, I know. It’s hard to be a good Muslim but believe me you can do it. You have Allah and you belong to this awesome ummah, there’s so much support against all the dislike, there’s so much love against that hate. We have greater goals, we aren’t stuck in this dunya. We have each other, and Islam only makes you stronger. When you keep your gaze lowered, when you talk decently, when you respect your elders and parents, when you strive with the hijab, when you’re kind and helpful, when you smile at a person with sincerity, know that the amount of love that is for you is unthinkable. Allah smiles at you for being that person, do you need any thing else? The moment that Allah gives you peace is the moment that we yearn for, and that peace has no equal, no exchange. Whatever challenges in the world, however tough the circumstances are, know that with you stands an ummah. And with you is Allah. The prophet saw cried for you, he called you his brothers. Is there a greater feeling? This world is nothing! It’s a minute place in our infinite lifetimes, a space where we’re told to follow a certain book for some time. A book that teaches nothing but good.
So, I say again, be strong. Be glad of who you are. Be proud that you are a Muslim, not the pride that’ll kick you out of jannah lol, the pride that helps you retain that identity. Allah made you a part of this, respect the level He gave you.
And that is how I conclude my long post for today.
Stay strong. Stay muslim. Peace.