Here I go again!

I know I haven’t written anything for ages but I shall inshaAllah! Soon.

Today’s post, though, isn’t my creative side. It’s the side that longs to speak and not be frustrated. It’s the side that looks for peace day in and day out and yearns for spiritual fulfillment.

It’s been one of those days where I go,Β it’s so hard being a striving Muslim! I know, it was never told that being a Muslim is easy, but it gets so hard at times! When you struggle through little things, things that matter to you but aren’t a big deal where society is concerned.

From something like getting your eyebrows done (I mean how mostly women change the entire shapes!) to music, from talking of showbiz all the time to minor backbiting, from lowering your gaze to avoiding mixed gatherings where not necessary – why can people not understand?! People who have been born into Muslim households! It seems like everything is now interesting and acceptable.

One of my friends told me she had studied with someone who knew how to do a rather vulgar sort of dance, and instead of being disgusted, the others thought it was “very interesting”! I decided to keep quiet. As I do usually now, since Islam seems to have ceased being an important part of our lives anymore.

I feel a hole in my spiritual self, like I yearn for something. I need something to keep me going, to make me stronger as I need the strength to make it through each day. I want to spend more time by myself, to gather myself and come to terms with some spiritual balance.

It was a rant this post, I suppose you’re thinking, but this being the few practicing Muslim community who encourage each other and not make fun and poke at each other’s belief, this seemed the only place where folks might get what I mean.

I’m tired. Exhausted. I’ve always found the world a rather sick place, but now it’s discouraging and depressing. Being a Muslim. I know Allah is with me as long as I strive, but sometimes I want to let things away and collapse.

Striving means the Shaytaan is after me, too, right? Ya Allah! Give me strength.

Do remember this humble spirit in your prayers ukhtis and akhis. I will inshaAllah come back with lighter emotions and creative posts. I’m trying not to miss out on your things either haha!

Stay strong!



31 thoughts on “Here I go again!

  1. Ohhh this!
    You won’t believe how much I think about this. Sometime the Muslim community itself is way more unaccepting of our religious lifestyle than non the western non Muslim community.
    And it’s sad that Islam is difficult to practice in Islamic nations itself.
    If a young muslimah starts wearing the veil, they consider that she has been forced and oppressed by her parents. If a young man keeps a beard, they assume he will have no future cause he probably intends to be the imaam of the masjid.
    If you refuse to have an extravagant wedding or something so as to follow the sunnah, people wanna think that you’re just being “kanjoos”.
    If you wanna stay away from music, they give you “those” looks.
    But may Allah guide us all and give us the strength to balance between region and society.
    Trust me, all you need is an honest intention. Once you purify your intentions just leave the rest to Allah. He will make it easy for you inshaAllah. Getting you through the difficulties and making the path easier is His job.
    All you have to do is stand firm for His sake.
    May Allah always bless you πŸ™‚

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  2. Yess it’s very uncomfortable to see people accepting it like “is main kia baat hai ” and it disgusts me but I think that first I need to be all the things I loathe people for ! Allah behter karey bas

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  3. Exactly my thoughts. Sometimes it becomes so freaking hard. Idk what to say as I’m also suffering from a similar situation. Just stay strong please. Keep striving. May Allah help you. Stay blessed.

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    • I can sympathise with you then :/ it gets so frustrating. But we need to sometimes let it out to people who understand, so hang in there. There’s more of you out there and insha Allah we’ll get through this.
      May Allah be with you too!

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  4. I agree sis. World is really becoming dangerous. Each day I get scared for my daughter’s future. I hope she does get influenced by all these things and should not take haram things casually. Ameen. And May Allah guide me as well as whole ummah to the path which he likes.

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  5. I felt like you read my mind and organised my thoughts here. Sometimes even I think to just be alone.Be alone and ponder about how can I fix this or even try to. There’s guilt confusion and discomfort stored because of this. 😦
    I know my comment is all broken..but I want you to know that there are people who feel the same and like you said in the end,will struggle on.
    We will be rewarded for our little tries and pure intentions.In sha Allah!
    Sometimes it’s as if we Muslims are imposters. Sigh.
    May Allah SWT give us all Hidaya.
    Jazakillah kahir for this post.Ya 7elwa keep writing and I missed you. ❀

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  6. I think you spoke out everyone’s mind here, I too feel it sometimes, May Allah forgive us all and guide us to the right path.Islam has become more of a tradition and I will feel better understood expressing on the blog than talking to people.

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  7. I don’t know what to add to the things that have already been said so well above. So I will just send your way my silent prayers, I hope in these times of great Fitnah, you are able to hold on to your faith firm. Insha Allah. May Allah give us all Hidayah and help us to strive towards being a better human being by being a better Muslim. Ameen πŸ™‚

    Much love and prayers to you ❀

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