It’s been a year. Wow.

You might think I think about death a lot since I have blogged about it quite a few times. I do, sometimes I think of it with happiness, considering that death means getting to meet Allah, but when I see death, I rarely think of it like that. It’s because when something like this happens, a feeling boils in me. A feeling of hate and intense dislike.

People who don’t live in Pakistan aren’t as affected, of course, so maybe some of you might not get where my feelings stem from. But looking at this horrid business all the time, it is only natural that we should think that way.

People who are Pakistani can relate to everything I write today, considering it is the sixteenth of December tomorrow. It’s been a year. Wow. A year and I feel for all those who lost their sons, brothers. Friends, students. It’s such a sad affair and the whole idea just seems so absurd! Going into a school and shooting them down? Astaghfirullah. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Humanity has fallen so low it is amazing. Not even just the bombers we get who randomly go somewhere and pull the trigger, the people who send these to do such a job – where is there sense of humanity? Are they even sane?

My heart goes out to our Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif. After quite a while we’ve been blessed with someone sincere. Someone who works so hard we already feel a positive difference alhamdullilah. May he be blessed and given the strength to keep going!

I wish it would just STOP. Why is it that every where you turn, you see something horrible? Why? It breaks me, but I know I have to keep going. For the sake of everyone who has been killed, sacrificed, tortured, thrown out. I have to strive for our cause, however far fetched the idea might seem, I must not let them break me so soon. It doesn’t mean I’m unfeeling, oh I feel, it just means I have to direct my feelings in a positive direction.

And I’d lastly say, remember our young, daring shaheeds (martyrs). Pray for their families and for the entire ummah. May we find Allah as we are supposed to.





13 thoughts on “It’s been a year. Wow.

  1. A person’s life is connected to so many lives. The death of one person takes away portions of life from those connected to him or her.
    It’s very difficult to find something good about death. It is a true test of faith.
    Stalin had said, “Death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” Isn’t it true for the present world?
    But what of those mothers who have lost their childs. What of those daughters who have lost their fathers. What of those who have lost their spouses or their friends.

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  2. I think somewhere along the lines of war, terrorism, greed and politics the value of life has become nothing. It’s such a painful memory. When a mother sends her child to school she sends him thinking that’s the safest place for him and goes about her daily chores relaxed with no concerns. And then your worst nightmare happens. How do they learn to live again, trust again. I’ll never know…

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