So we’re running through a maze, are we?

I’ve been reading “The Maze Runner” series the past few days, yes yes I’m the kind of person who likes this kind of stuff – hunger games, divergent, the maze runner. They’re all similar, they have more or less the same thing behind them. And as I vacuumed my room the other day, I thought of that thing. And of how ironic our media is.

The stories center around sending the youth into these controlled environments, testing them, controlling them, driving them for a purpose. There is always the bad side and the good side, no greys in between. And there is a centre, the place that controls the youth. In the Hunger Games, they’re sent to this arena to fight each other off, and they can’t not do it because they have no choice. The realization makes them stand up for themselves, and they battle the centre of control.

In Divergent, they have to fight because they’re different. Because they aren’t according to how a certain people define acceptance. Those certain people have the need to control.

In The Maze Runner, we see them controlled again. They’re sent to a maze for a purpose, and they keep trying to solve what’s thrown at them.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, our movies are such amazing representatives of what actually happens with us. We are in a sort of maze, where we have to solve everything that is thrown our way. We have to stand up for ourselves, because we are different and not according to how some people define acceptance. We do have the class that desperately looks for newer ways to keep us in control (and they’re clever at it too).

And, purpose. We as humans are obsessed with always having a purpose. Being Muslims, we know what our purpose is. But aside from that, people look for a purpose all their lives. They aren’t satisfied until they do. Some will take on smaller things, like getting a complicated job done, but eventually, they need a bigger purpose to keep them going.

I first had the thought when I saw The Matrix, where Keanu Reeves is told how everything is controlled. We do live in a controlled place, where everything we do is monitored. Like in Fast and Furious 7, there’s the software called God’s Eye.

I find it so amazing. I know I sound strange, but does anyone else think that way?




27 thoughts on “So we’re running through a maze, are we?

  1. Yes they are controlling us.

    You know Ibn Taymiyyah was asked when in difficult times of Fitna then how would we know which 1 of the 73 sects will go to Jannah?

    His reply was amazing indeed. He said that look at the arrows of the enemy and see where they fall, on whom they fall know that they are on Haqq and join them.

    It’s amazing Subhanallah that we all know who the Kuffar are against but sadly almost all Muslims are against them. We do need to think on this. Really.

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  2. Well it’s the truth. We are controlled by society more than most. Our immediate society sets the rules for propriety. We spend our lives trying to adhere to those rules. Society sets the standards. We spend our lives trying to live up to those standards. Society defines ambitions. We spend our lives chasing those ambitions. Society defines right and wrong (irrespective of what religion says). And we stick to those definitions.

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