Prize Darts Award!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been around much, but I’m back! (Terminator flashback maybe?) And I have been nominated for this award by two of the dearest sisters here. If you haven’t already followed their blogs, you’re missing out on some amazing stuff!

One of them is a convert and French Lebanese, Loubnaya  and she is soo sweet it’s amazing. Her work is really good, go on click the link!

The other is accidentallyinked and she has some terrific stuff too. I love her Urdu posts, if you can read Urdu I’m quite sure you’ll love them too. Urdu has it’s own place in my heart.

* Mention the person who tagged you
* Answer the questions in full
* Please tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

But I won’t be tagging anyone, you, yes I know you’re reading this don’t you dare pretend to have not, you are nominated and you have to answer my questions! Yup, I mean you right there.

For my answers though, first by Accidentallyinked since she nominated me first

If there was a colour that you could omit from your life.What colour would it be and why? 😛

All those bright neon colours I would get rid of. And then began the whole fashion with neon nail colours, WHY would anyone want that?

Aside from that, I love colours. And I’m glad I have the ability to see them.

How does this AWARD thing start?

I don’t know really. I think someone starts it because they want to really appreciate someone, or just want to get to know them (the whole asking questions and writing down facts about yourself thing) and so they make this award and nominate people. People, like we are doing right now, simply pass it on. But Loubnaya’s story was really good haha 😀

Now for Loubnaya’s questions

Where are you from?

I think you guys know that by now 😛 Pakistan!

What do you love most about your culture?

Umm… Everything! I love the colours, the weird traditions, the food, the fact that family is still intact and we have good relations and strong ties, respecting our elders, our way of dressing, old architecture, you have to visit my country because I personally think it’s splendid! (of course only until it doesn’t go against Islam).

What is it like to be a muslim in your country?

It’s tough, but it’s tough everywhere. It’s not tough because we are Muslims, it’s tough because a lot of our traditions are anti Islam, and they are so normal that breaking against those rituals is hard so we can follow what Islam is truly. Also, people are generally impressed by the West, which is really annoying.

How many languages do you speak?

Not many. I speak three, Urdu, English, Punjabi. I can read most of Quranic Arabic (by read i mean understand when I’m reading it) but i don’t speak it, and then I was trying my hand at basic Farsi 😛

So I’ve done it now. I nominate you all don’t forget! My questions are

What’s your favourite main phrase?

What’s the best book you’ve read?

Where do you see yourself in two years?

Would you rather live in the mountains or the village (not in the mountains) or do you prefer the city? 


55 thoughts on “Prize Darts Award!

  1. OMG I am really happy to hear you like my Urdu posts.This is really encouraging! I can if I will and I will if I can.

    What’s the best book you’ve read?
    That is a tough question.I like alot of lil things in the book that make me like the whole book sometimes.

    Where do you see yourself in two years?
    Uni,In sha Allah.

    Would you rather live in the mountains or the village (not in the mountains) or do you prefer the city?
    Not the city,I wish to experience some change.Probably the villages but I would take a trip to the mountains nearby. 😛
    The reason I wouldn’t want to be near mountains is that there might be bears. 🙄

    Thank you. ^-^

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  2. I read it, and now I have double award posts to write hah. 🙂 Thanks for pulling everyone in, Revels. I almost died laughing at that sentence.
    So you can speak Punjabi and you are from Pakistan, yaani.. You probably live in Punjab. I want to know which city?

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  3. Oh hey! I hate the neon lights too. And love old architecture like you (wait did I already mention that somewhere) 😀
    Oh and if you can speak Punjabi and Urdu, you could very well add Hindi to that list too, because it’s not that different 🙂

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    • Yay more people like me 😀
      Yes we had a whole architecture conversation hahaha 🙂 we understand each other there!
      Umm I still can’t. I used to know some words whenever my nani would come over and watch her dramas but I don’t know it quite hehe 😛 besides I could never read those lines, they seem to be an art!

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  4. Hi, Congratulations on the award. And your answers were so great. I wish more people from around the world could see the beauty of Pakistan, it has everything! Landscapes, architecture, food, traditions and so on…

    This was such a Wonderful and honest post 🙂

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    • Hey yourself and Thank you 🙂
      I know right! Pakistan is so amazing. I love knowing that I’m a part of this rich country, honestly sometimes I fall in love with it when I see around 🙂
      Thanks for reading and agreeing haha 😀


  5. Ohh sis this is so sweet what you wrote about me! What could I say unless you are lovely & I’m blessed I met you here alhamdoulillah 🙂

    I like what you said about colours, that you’re grateful you’re able to see them. That’s true! We usually don’t think of that! Thanks for this reminder sis !

    & thank you for answering to my questions, I loved learning about Pakistan. It makes me want to visit insha’Allah! I’m just sad that some of your traditions goes against islam & that some people are admirative towards the West, but Nowadays it!/ sadly the same everywhere..

    Three languages is honourable sis! & I would say 4 since you understand the Quran in arabic masha’Allah ❤️❤️

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    • Well you deserved it 🙂 you are probably the sweetest person around here haha! I’m glad to have met you too Alhamdulillah 🙂
      I don’t think of it either but the question prompted an answer and I thought of that.
      Yes it’s sad that this place should have such traditions, but those traditions date back to before Islam came and a lot of them are basically from other religions too. Although I’m glad there’s a lot that hasn’t much to do with religion though so we still have that 😃
      Oh and if you do visit Pakistan sometime I’d love that! You’d love it too insha Allah 🙂
      And my Arabic isn’t as good as it should be but I’m trying!

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      • Barak’Allah feeki for explaining all that sister! I really hope I will visit Oakistan somedauy insha’Allah & of course I’ll let you know!
        By the way, i heard about the earthquake.. I hope your family & you are fine!!

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  6. Now I’ll answer your terrific questions insha’Allah!
    (Did I mention I’m glad you’re back?? Because I really am!!)

    1) what’s your favourite main phrase?

    I’m not sure what’s the difference between main phrase & quote.. Could you explain please?
    I’ll say a quote that Rings in my head everyday (okay, it’s written in big in my livingroom haha) “he who has faith has the biggest strengh in the world.” I traduced it as I can, by the french writer Eric-Emmanuel Shmitt

    2) what’s the best book you’ve read?

    I’m not a fan of novels, I read more spiritual books & the one that I could take with me anywhere is Kitab Ul Fawa’id (the meditations) by Ibn Al Qayyim, every sentence is so full of wise masha’Allah..

    3) where do you see yourself in two years?

    In two years, I see myself in the exact same place since I already have a wonderful life with my husband and my son alhamdoulillah! Unless I’ll probably have a second baby insha’Allah! & I think I’ll still be here with my lovely sisters from WP ❤️❤️

    4) would you rather live in the mountains or in the city?

    I definitely would love living in the village & writing poetry like the man from my story about the award thing hahaa but in France villages are too racists so I’d rather stay in the city near my muslim brothers & sisters!

    Much love ya habibati fillah ❤️❤️
    May Allah bless you & protect family.

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    • Aww it’s so sweet that you’re so happy 🙂
      Well a Main phrase is something that you say often, like some people tend to say OMG a lot and stuff. But thank you for introducing me to that amazing quote! I think I’ll have to put it up in my room now, it’s excellent.
      I haven’t heard of that book so I’ll check it out since you praise it 🙂
      I’m glad you’re so happy with your life 🙂
      Haha thank you for your interesting answers I’m glad you wrote then down for me 🙂
      Have a lovely day!

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  7. Ok, it’s been a long time since I’ve opened my laptop. Okay, not the laptop cuz I have to work and study, but WordPress. But I’ll try to come on at least one a week. In sha Allah. So, to answer your questions:
    -I have many favorite main phrases, but “Everyone shall taste death” is hard to forget and keeps me humble. There are so many more, but we’ll keep it short 🙂
    -Best book? The Kite Runner. I’m a fast reader, but I purposefully read slowly because I didn’t want it to end. Oh Amir.
    -Everything happens with Allah’s consent, but to make a weak prediction, I would say, still studying my head off. Maybe with a clear image of my career. Married? I’m not sure. Healthy, hopefully, except with these migraines I’m not sure. Speaking confidently in Arabic. In sha Allah khair. As long as Allah is pleased with me.
    -Mountains and village. No doubt.

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