Prize Darts Award!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been around much, but I’m back! (Terminator flashback maybe?) And I have been nominated for this award by two of the dearest sisters here. If you haven’t already followed their blogs, you’re missing out on some amazing stuff!

One of them is a convert and French Lebanese, Loubnaya  and she is soo sweet it’s amazing. Her work is really good, go on click the link!

The other is accidentallyinked and she has some terrific stuff too. I love her Urdu posts, if you can read Urdu I’m quite sure you’ll love them too. Urdu has it’s own place in my heart.

* Mention the person who tagged you
* Answer the questions in full
* Please tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

But I won’t be tagging anyone, you, yes I know you’re reading this don’t you dare pretend to have not, you are nominated and you have to answer my questions! Yup, I mean you right there.

For my answers though, first by Accidentallyinked since she nominated me first

If there was a colour that you could omit from your life.What colour would it be and why? 😛

All those bright neon colours I would get rid of. And then began the whole fashion with neon nail colours, WHY would anyone want that?

Aside from that, I love colours. And I’m glad I have the ability to see them.

How does this AWARD thing start?

I don’t know really. I think someone starts it because they want to really appreciate someone, or just want to get to know them (the whole asking questions and writing down facts about yourself thing) and so they make this award and nominate people. People, like we are doing right now, simply pass it on. But Loubnaya’s story was really good haha 😀

Now for Loubnaya’s questions

Where are you from?

I think you guys know that by now 😛 Pakistan!

What do you love most about your culture?

Umm… Everything! I love the colours, the weird traditions, the food, the fact that family is still intact and we have good relations and strong ties, respecting our elders, our way of dressing, old architecture, you have to visit my country because I personally think it’s splendid! (of course only until it doesn’t go against Islam).

What is it like to be a muslim in your country?

It’s tough, but it’s tough everywhere. It’s not tough because we are Muslims, it’s tough because a lot of our traditions are anti Islam, and they are so normal that breaking against those rituals is hard so we can follow what Islam is truly. Also, people are generally impressed by the West, which is really annoying.

How many languages do you speak?

Not many. I speak three, Urdu, English, Punjabi. I can read most of Quranic Arabic (by read i mean understand when I’m reading it) but i don’t speak it, and then I was trying my hand at basic Farsi 😛

So I’ve done it now. I nominate you all don’t forget! My questions are

What’s your favourite main phrase?

What’s the best book you’ve read?

Where do you see yourself in two years?

Would you rather live in the mountains or the village (not in the mountains) or do you prefer the city? 

A glimpse

I don’t think men have any idea how women feel towards their parents, how deeply and sincerely they always think of their parents and how much love they have for them. This is a little glimpse. I know not every one has a very good relationship with their parents, heck sometimes I have problems, too, but in this dunya, everyone has those. But in spite of all that, there’s something there that lets a girl give all her heart to her parents, in a way that she could never to anyone else.

She’ll be the one to listen,
She’ll be the one to care,
When you’re listless and broken,
She’ll be the one to cheer!
Her whole heart she offers to you,
No conditions, no terms,
She’ll walk proudly knowing she’s got you,
Her confident stride a reflection,
It won’t matter to her what the world says,
It won’t matter she’s left out,
She’ll stay silent when you’re angry,
And jump on you when you’re stout!
She’ll leave it all when you say the word,
She’ll dampen her passions and her desires,
She’ll bear all the ridicule and cynicisms,
But she’ll drown when she hears them from you!
Even when she’s supposed to leave,
She’ll still worry and fret about you,
For your finger was the one she held first,
Your stride the one she tried to match,
Her energies are all sacrificed for you,
Her loyalty forever yours,
She’ll live for you till her last breath,
Even then, she’ll die for you.