What is wrong with this place?

Honestly. What is wrong? I’ll tell you. Everything seems to be wrong. It’s like you don’t know anyone. One minute you’ll be thinking of that nice evening spent with that person, and the next you find out something so horrible, something so unbelievably terrible that you stop breathing with the utter shock.

As I grow older, I don’t wish to be a child again. Not that way, no, I’m not one of those who wished they would stay in that blissful, ignorant era. I’m sort of glad I know now, I know that I can’t trust anyone but a handful of people. Not everyone can be trusted to be who they are with me,Β to be who they are actually! As a kid, I thought there were good people mostly. But was I deceived! I observe more as every day begins and ends, I see all the injustices and all the crimes the most normal of people seem to commit.

Now, every time I meet someone, I’m filled with this doubt. This edge that whispers to me, I wonder what their sinister side is like. Because every one has one. Even I do, because that’s how we’re made. We’re supposed to battle that side. But I see the hypocrisy, how you’re expected to be good, but the other side can kick you for the slightest reason if they feel like it. I don’t trust anyone anymore!

And the worst part is, I feel sort ofΒ scared. Not scared as in horror movie shivers, scared because of how we’ve fallen. What is the point of all our education if we haven’t learned yet to civilize our habits? And why must we lead such double lives? Are there people left who are honest with you?

Dash it all, I want to go live in the mountains. Take my precious ones and justΒ go! Where there isn’t any of this mental sickness that reigns here. This is a cruel place, and it threatens to devour us whole.

On a more positive note though, Eid Mubarak! And remember to pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters who have no home to celebrate their Eid in, who have lost their loved ones and are fighting a battle we can only pray comes to an end.


27 thoughts on “What is wrong with this place?

  1. Trust is belittled nowadays, and it’s always those you held close to that deceive it. I also find it hard to trust easily, yet still fall sometimes. When you finally reach the mountains please let me know. Hahah…I’ve always said that in times of frustration. But seriously though, I prefer rural areas better than urban ones. Eid Mubarak. May Allah guide this ummah to the truth. Ameen. πŸ™‚

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  3. Haha enjoyed reading this post. You sound really frustrated lol. πŸ˜‚ I can totally relate though and you’re absolutely right. But that’s exactly why we’re here, this life is meant to be difficult. May Allah Ψ³Ψ¨Ψ­Ψ§Ω†Ω‡ و ΨͺΨΉΨ§Ω„Ω‰ keep us steadfast, grant us the company of righteous people and set right all our affairs. Ameen. Jazak Allah khair πŸ’—

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