Mortal Pleasure

She tilts her head to the side,

A drop falls from above,

And makes the slide.

She rests against the tree and smiles,

A breeze caresses her long, dark hair,

And lifts her face to the skies.

She drums her fingers on her book,

Watches the ants march by,

And gives them a long, pleased look.

She waves her hands around the clouds,

Imagining an entirely different place,

And forgets the noise and crowds.

She presses a flower between her hands,

The petals spring up again,

And she fixes it in her strands.

She moves her hand over the grass and feels,

Picks up a handful of dirt,

And thinks of its hidden meals.

She lies down and laughs,

Intertwines both her hands,

And joins together the two halves.

A gentle sigh blows beneath her skin,

She’s glad it’s time to leave,

And goes fluidly to join her kin.


22 thoughts on “Mortal Pleasure

  1. Masha’Allah, well-written! 💕 اللهم بارك لكم
    The thing that stands out most about this poem is the stark contrast between its title and its content, similar to the reality of life.

    Liked by 1 person

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