So it’s time for one of these!

I thank my lovely sister khansana1000 for nominating me for the award. It feels funny to get an award – I mean like wow people out there actually read what I write. But jazakallah! I hope we are both able to blog away!

Ahan. So I’m supposed to write seven facts about myself. I know myself pretty well, but this part of the award isn’t very easy. Anyway, here I go!

  • I absolutely love cold weather, I wait for winter to come and I get so excited when it’s here. I’m happy now since it’s coming with all its cold greatness. As I write this post, the weather outside is so strange, it’s raining and it’s hailing and it’s sunny! I love it though.
  • I don’t follow blogs so they follow me back. I follow them because I really like what they ramble on about 😀
  • I can not watch horror movies.
  • I faint when I see or feel blood. Or if I think I smell it – vampire instinct? Jokes.
  • I’m a ‘get on with it’ sort of person. If I have a problem, I’ll look up the answer, if there’s a mess, I clean it. I can’t stand it when people go ‘Oh what do I do now?’
  • I’m trying to learn Farsi 😛
  • I adore old buildings and I could spend days in some historic palace, lying down on the roof and gazing at the sky. I used to sing to the moon when I was younger, now I let it clear my head.

There you go. You probably know a lot about me by now.

My nominees now :


Awoken by poetry






I’ve done it! Thanks again sister 🙂 Oh and the rules I almost forgot:

  • Thank the nominator and link them.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Add 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and let them know via a comment.

I hope we’re allowed to link to their about pages because that’s what I did! I mean, in a way that is the comment section haha!

What is wrong with this place?

Honestly. What is wrong? I’ll tell you. Everything seems to be wrong. It’s like you don’t know anyone. One minute you’ll be thinking of that nice evening spent with that person, and the next you find out something so horrible, something so unbelievably terrible that you stop breathing with the utter shock.

As I grow older, I don’t wish to be a child again. Not that way, no, I’m not one of those who wished they would stay in that blissful, ignorant era. I’m sort of glad I know now, I know that I can’t trust anyone but a handful of people. Not everyone can be trusted to be who they are with me, to be who they are actually! As a kid, I thought there were good people mostly. But was I deceived! I observe more as every day begins and ends, I see all the injustices and all the crimes the most normal of people seem to commit.

Now, every time I meet someone, I’m filled with this doubt. This edge that whispers to me, I wonder what their sinister side is like. Because every one has one. Even I do, because that’s how we’re made. We’re supposed to battle that side. But I see the hypocrisy, how you’re expected to be good, but the other side can kick you for the slightest reason if they feel like it. I don’t trust anyone anymore!

And the worst part is, I feel sort of scared. Not scared as in horror movie shivers, scared because of how we’ve fallen. What is the point of all our education if we haven’t learned yet to civilize our habits? And why must we lead such double lives? Are there people left who are honest with you?

Dash it all, I want to go live in the mountains. Take my precious ones and just go! Where there isn’t any of this mental sickness that reigns here. This is a cruel place, and it threatens to devour us whole.

On a more positive note though, Eid Mubarak! And remember to pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters who have no home to celebrate their Eid in, who have lost their loved ones and are fighting a battle we can only pray comes to an end.

Mortal Pleasure

She tilts her head to the side,

A drop falls from above,

And makes the slide.

She rests against the tree and smiles,

A breeze caresses her long, dark hair,

And lifts her face to the skies.

She drums her fingers on her book,

Watches the ants march by,

And gives them a long, pleased look.

She waves her hands around the clouds,

Imagining an entirely different place,

And forgets the noise and crowds.

She presses a flower between her hands,

The petals spring up again,

And she fixes it in her strands.

She moves her hand over the grass and feels,

Picks up a handful of dirt,

And thinks of its hidden meals.

She lies down and laughs,

Intertwines both her hands,

And joins together the two halves.

A gentle sigh blows beneath her skin,

She’s glad it’s time to leave,

And goes fluidly to join her kin.

The odd charm to drown

There’s an odd charm in rebellion,
That chance to be one in a million,
That chance to let everything go,
And to let the raging waters flow,
It’s a strange place to be in,
When the greatest enemy is from within,
He strikes and you like it,
He tells you to run when you’re supposed to sit,
You say,
It’s okay, I won’t do it again,
Oh God will forgive me in the end,
But the branches multiply and tighten,
And the idea of leaving is enough to frighten,
We need that rush, that adrenaline,
But there’s more ways for that, don’t make him grin,
Because when you do it once, it becomes quite an addiction,
And before you know it, you’ll be hopelessly desperate for salvation,
There’s an odd charm in rebellion,
But don’t do what will make you suffer a millennium,
I know, the impulse is so strong,
I struggle with you, this road is long,
But there’s the choice we were singled out for,
We can’t let him beat us with one loud roar,
This is more a reminder to me than you,
I have to be firm on what I need to do,
And though I’d love to rebel, to do something new,
I know those ideas will only drown me and my crew.

Death is scary, not because we’re dying

Death is eternal union,
But also losing control of your worldly dominion,
Death is the ultimate return,
The abode of our souls’ divine yearn,
It’s the divide between this world and the next,
It comes as sudden as the ping of a text,
And we don’t know,
Where we’ll go,
But what happens behind?
How does one soothe the devastated mind?
One moment you’re here, the other moment you won’t be here anymore,
Leaving three when they used to be four,
It’s a sad state, but who are we to say,
Whatever Allah deems best is His way,
It takes time to let it settle in,
They won’t be seeing his coming home grin
Ever again. It’s a sad state,
But who are we to debate,
For him whose gone, it’s all over,
He might have found his four leafed clover,
He’s left, he’s broken through this place,
And all they have is a picture of his friendly face,
Death is scary, not because it involves dying,
It’s scary when you hear all that silent crying,
Death is somewhat a confusion,
A time with a void as a conclusion,
And where it’s true we’ll all die,
I worry about that silent cry.

The Liebster Award

It’s award time! I got nominated by Yusra, she has a fantastic blog and is one of the first blogs I followed. She has a way with poetry that I could only wish for, writing on Islamic things in a way that keeps me looking forward to her posts. Thanks for the nomination Yusra 🙂

Liebster is German, by the way.

So the rest of it I’m going to copy paste down from her since she’s done a good job explaining it.

Okay so first off, what exactly is it about? Just like every other award on WordPress, the Liebster Award is a way of showing appreciation, connecting with and getting to know one another better. After getting nominated if you choose to accept the award you have to answer some questions given to you by the person who nominated you, share some facts about yourself and then nominate other bloggers who you think deserve the award.

The Rules!
– Insert the liebster award logo in your post
– Thank and link those who nominated you
– (After reading the official rules) You also have to reveal 11 interesting facts about yourself! lol
– Answer the questions designated by the blogger who nominated you
– Nominate up to 11 other new bloggers with less than 100 followers
– Ask 11 questions of your own to your nominees that they have to answer
– Notify your nominees about The Liebster Award
– Include instructions of the process in your post

I think it’s okay if you don’t follow all the rules though, like the less-than-100-followers rule. Just pick ALL your favourite blogs!

11 random facts about me

  1. I learned to ride a motorcycle when I was fifteen, I am a car enthusiast.
  2. I can sleep anywhere and through anything if I feel the need to (I slept through The Hobbit)
  3. I’m really loyal when people trust me with anything, mainly because otherwise I’d die of guilt.
  4. I have this thing for crazy hair.
  5. I find it really hard to complain – even if you make me horrid food lol.
  6. I get happy high during theological/philosophical discussions.
  7. I’ve always been a happy person, but I’m rather unsentimental.
  8. I love crime, mystery, action and classics.
  9. People I’m friends with sometimes tend to think I’m partial to them when I’m not. I guess because I listen to people.
  10. I love learning different languages and getting to know things I didn’t before.
  11. I enjoy being a Muslim everyday.

Finally I’m done with the facts, took me a while to think of what to write.

Now for Yusra’s questions for me:

  1. What do you like most about blogging?

I love how I get to interact with people from different areas of the world, I find it fascinating how they think and how even though people live so far away from each other they can connect to one another. I like how unknown people take the time to read my posts and to even tell me what they think of it. Like, they don’t have to, but they still do.

2. Three things that you enjoy doing?

Three things, umm, I love snuggling into a corner with a book, books have been friends with me since forever. I enjoy myself when my prayer is on point, and although not frequent unfortunately, that feeling of bliss is what I think keeps me going. And the third thing I enjoy is spending time with my mum or my best friend, because that’s when I have no worries and I can be whoever I want to be.

3. What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked about Islam? What was your response?

The weirdest question? Hmm…When I suppose one of my friends asked me what was the whole “woman hiding thing” in the Quran. It was weird because she’s a Muslim, too, and although I suppose she’s supposed to know what all the purdah stuff is, she refuses to believe it could be like that.

4. Which Sahabah’s رضي الله عنه story you find most inspiring?

I’m a huge fan of Hazrat Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه. He had everything anyone could ever want in life, he had nobility, money, power, respect, and everything he wished for. But he still let it go for Islam, to be so high in social life but to remain so humble. I love his soft manner and the way he handled everything with such eloquence and intelligence. He was even beat up badly, and he still kept going. Where other sahabahs رضي الله عنه went through a really tough life, and I admire all of them, it’s just I feel like I can connect to Hazrat Abu Bakr’s رضي الله عنه life more. Because where we have stories like Hazrat Umar’s رضي الله عنه toughness and Hazrat Bilal’s رضي الله عنه tortures, we usually have social problems worrying us more. I know lots of Sahabahsرضي الله عنه had a noble lineage, but Hazrat Abu Bakr  رضي الله عنه was on a different level.

5. Who’s your favourite Qari/reciter of the Qur’an?

I haven’t listened to a lot of different Qaris (I might as well be honest) but I listen to Mishary Al Afasi and he’s pretty good.

6. What’s your favourite ice-cream flavor?

Now that is a difficult question. Umm, I love chocolate, but I also love summer berries and mint choc.

7. Maltesers or m&m’s?

M&M’s 😀

8. What’s your best childhood memory?

My best childhood memory would be the summer holidays spent with my grandparents where all the cousins would come over to stay the holidays, or the year we spent in the northern areas, where we even drove till the Chinese border and saw valleys, meadows, waterfalls, rivers, not open for common people.

9. What is the one quality you like and dislike most in people?

I like honest people, people who know what their priorities are, people who understand what the whole game of life is. And that’s all related in a way. I do NOT like people who try to be something they aren’t, people who have no real aims other than to impress. Oh, and people who stubbornly believe they can still interpret Islamic teachings in secular ways.

10. How do you define success?

Success is when you’re at peace with what you do. When you strive on your part, but then you’re calm enough and wise enough to know that whatever happens has been decided by Allah, because He knows best. Success is when you actually do strive and not sit around moping of what’s wrong in your life. Success is when you’re family is happy with you, too. I don’t believe rebellion is success (I’m not talking politically) because when you don’t rebel you learn from your circumstances, however difficult they might be.

11. Would you rather go on a long drive with your friends or hang out at the mall?

Go for a long drive with my best friend, she’s literally like another me, but a way better person mashallah. Actually, that’s the dream, to drive around the world with her 😀 Most people say “Sure sure, like that’s going to happen” but we can dream and whatever happens then is what Allah thinks best.

There! I’ve done it. Now for the nominees (and the oscar goes too…)

khansana1000 – she’s writing about her journey with the hijab, she has nice, motivational posts.

tamtam012013 – I love her honesty and her strength about how she lives and what she believes in.

Yusra gulab jamman – her blog is adorable! It has so much going on and I love the way she writes.

Fatmawaty – I love her honest soul, she has simple posts.

The Hidden Prestige – some amazing posts, reminders to people to not fall into this worldly abyss! Relatable stuff which is written in a way to make you realize what’s wrong with us.

Khamosh Dhadhkanen – her poetry is so good, I’m glad I follow her blog. She has a way with words.

Safdar Sikandar – this blogger sure has talent. Random tales but excellently written.

peaceloveanunity – really amazing poetry, I love reading those poems

thejourneybreathes – some good thoughts expressed in an interesting way

Papatia – mostly girly posts, but a good read all the same! Tips and advice, a few stories.

Yumna – her work is worth reading, good insight.

bilalsidiki – rather an amusing take on things

anas1193 – doesn’t post very often, but the poetry is remarkable

thesecrethijabi – a revert writing about the different phases she’s been through and is still struggling, reverts are so inspiring

Anyway, that’s my nominee list. Now for the questions I ask:

  1. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you?
  2. What do you do when you get angry?
  3. Are you a stay at home person or would you rather be out and exploring?
  4. If you could do the one thing that could potentially change the world, what would it be?
  5. Who’s your favourite famous person? Dead and alive.
  6. Would you rather sweet or savoury?
  7. What’s the one quality you like and dislike?
  8. What is one thing you’d like to be better at?
  9. Do you prefer sleeping in or waking up early?
  10. Where are you from? (Completely optional)
  11. Do you like animals?

I hope you accept the award and have fun with it. I think I’ve nominated some who’ve been nominated before, but if you’d like to only answer the questions that would be great 🙂

Change the grey

So I’ve decided to reblog my old posts from when I followed no one and no one followed me. Read away!


Divide and rule,
It’s the greatest tool,
Distract, then attack,
It’ll make them fall back,
My people don’t you see what’s happening today?
The hairs on our head are turning grey,
We are losing strength, and common sense,
While our youthful neighbours build up the fence,
We take our stick; wave it in the air,
It only makes the neighbour glare,
Stung, we come back feeling defeated,
Though inside we know we’re being cheated,
The sunrays are getting blocked, flowers are dying,
The beautiful butterflies now don’t come flying,
It’s now darker, we stumble and fall,
All we do then is bang our heads against the fence wall,
My people, it’s not yet that late,
Let’s not resign to whatever fate,
All we need to do is help ourselves,
Take out that Book of God from the dusty shelves,
Look within yourself, decide what’s wrong,
Change it for good, let’s…

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