For death do we depart

I originally wanted to post a poem, but it doesn’t seem to working out nicely. I hope I can complete it soon. So, yes, I’m blogging about death.

Death always seems such a fantasy like thought where it concerns myself. And although I believe I could die tomorrow or next month or maybe even the next moment, sometimes the belief isn’t as strong. I don’t mind dying myself as much, except that my parents would be devastated if I went first, but to see someone else dying, to have been close to them and then to lose them is absolutely awful. Not that I think the person shouldn’t have died, because that’s what God’s plans are, it’s just sad thinking about it.

Even when I see someone going away, and then missing them later on, seeing them in their various poses and saying something that had been typical of them, I still can’t believe that person has died. It’s such a fantastic thought, but I still can’t grasp death even when I see it. It’s just too huge.

And then I think of myself, I picture myself in all these different situations travelling around the world and realizing my dream, thinking of grand things, when I don’t know if I’ll get to do that even if I stay alive. We’re such a helpless species, we don’t know if we’ll be able to do something, and that’s not because we think ourselves not capable, but because Allah might not have thought that way for us.

Everyone dies. It makes no big difference to the world, because we’re so accustomed to seeing people die. Die in mass numbers and that too a horrible death. We’ve become so immune to death that when it does happen, it takes a while believing something that we see in the news could have happened to us. At least that’s how I think. Maybe as we’ve grown up with it we’re more immune to it. I don’t know, sometimes I think we’re rather pathetic. Always thinking about ourselves as if nothing else matters, “What about all those people suffering?” “It’s not like I can do anything about it.”

Well, you can! You can pray and start being positive for once! Help people around you, and inspire people to make them feel positive. Work hard to instill in each other that unity and love which has left a dark void within us, that way we will slowly reach out to those we see suffering everyday. Be better Muslims, and Allah will help. We can reach out to those who have public sympathy when we start reaching out to those around us who have none.

Please, try to be more helpful and think of the little ways you can help out in this world. You all know we need it. It doesn’t have to be big, just sincere. Sincerity and loyalty might make the biggest difference actually. Start today, do something nice everyday. And you’ll feel better than anyone.


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