Stay by, mum.

I’ve seen too many families this year lose their mothers, and it breaks me apart. Looking at them spending their first eid like that, it is very heartbreaking. My mum is… well, she’s too good for words. And I can’t imagine life without her. I don’t want to. Go give your mum a hug, although she’s worth so much more. You only get one.

The hunt for your missing glasses,
Glasses you seem to lose everyday,
That ready smile and quick laugh,
That starts me off on my way.

Those times when you play around,
Those moments when you’re high,
And when I’m feeling too normal,
You take me to the sky.

When I came into this world, breathing hard,
I didn’t know what this place was,
But your voice, all pained and scarred,
Caressed me to peace.

The many times you saved me from that fall,
I crawled, I cried, I tried to walk,
But every time you made the right call,
And hugged me to life again.

Those school dilemmas, those stories,
Stupidity and silly worries!
But you turned them into glories,
And made me the queen.

But as I grow older, I see more,
I see the times you laugh to hide,
And breaks me to the core,
When you still laugh some more.

Now I don’t want to worry you,
I want to take you away,
Where the grass is green and the sky blue,
Where I can protect you.

I burn inside when I realise,
The times I’ve hurt you and you’ve forgiven,
I scream and shout within,
Because I always took you given.

Mummy, stay by forever,
I don’t know how you do it, but stay by,
You’re the reason I am who I am,
A place without you? I’d probably die.

Mummy, thanks for being who you are,
Thanks for being my best friend,
Thanks for being everything,
I’ll take care of you till the end.

And although I might not show it,
Now I know,
When you’re silently crying yet smiling,
And feeling low.

You’ve been there to sacrifice,
Every time I could turn to you,
Mother, for every need you suffice,
Now you can look to me.

I offer everything I have,
It was never mine, it’s yours,
For you, I’d push the world aside,
Mummy, for you are my oars.


6 thoughts on “Stay by, mum.

  1. It was such a Beautifully crafted poem. Didn’t let me lose attention from the thought of my own mother. 🙂

    Thank you for reminding us What our Mother’s worth is really. No matter how many reminders we get for this, another one will always be appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

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