Books you’ll surely love!


I read a LOT. I have been reading for as long as I can remember, and it’s been one of the best things of life for me. I read a very diverse range of books, although history and autobiographies really get to me the most, and so as Ramadan ends, I figured I’ll post something about the excellent Islamic books I’ve read. Books which are so positive and inspiring even a person who has no interest in Islam whatsoever will be glad to have read them.

So, here’s my recommendations for everyone out there, if you can, get these books and read them through! It is such a good experience.

1. “Muhammad” by Martin Lings                                                              download (1)

A book about the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The author converted to Islam and changed his name to Abu Bakr Siraj ud din. His style of writing is so powerful it absorbs the reader into his words and story, reading this book is like going back to old Arabia, where one seems to be sitting next to the Prophet SAW as he speaks and then trying to defend him wherever possible. The second last chapter, the chapter on his death, is so heart breaking it will move you to tears. At the very last of the book, there are various accounts from people who saw the Prophet SAW and attempt to describe him. The curiosity and longing to finally meet the Prophet takes on a new level as one discovers the beautiful person our Prophet SAW was. It’s one of the best books I’ve read 🙂

2. “When Life Begins” by Abu Yahya           download (4)             9b1b9d194088525eb202e4bdd2cb582d0da3afa7-thumb

OR “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi”

This book is originally available in Urdu, and I read it first in Urdu, too. But the english version is just as good. It might seem slightly daunting at first as the character Abdullah wakes up to see it’s Judgement Day, and he explores his surroundings with his angel, Salih. Written with much detail and a very good storyline, it helps us imagine what Qiyamah will be like and how we have to prepare ourselves for it eventually. It opens ones eyes to the reality, and reminds our weak hearts that the Day will come for all of us. The best part of the book is when Abdullah meets Allah, and when Abdullah enters Jannah. Never before have I felt the desire for Jannah more strongly than after reading this book. It leaves you feeling stronger and more peaceful.

3. “Enjoy Your Life” by Dr. Muhammed Abd Al-Rahaman Al-Arifi           download (3)

This has got to be such a peaceful book! It makes me smile whenever I open this book, and I’m sure it will make your life a lot easier, too. The author has compiled various incidents from the Prophet’s SAW life, where he went through a lot of the situations which we go through today. Except, instead of the ridiculous way we sometimes face our problems, he dealt with them in the best manner possible and the results were absolutely astonishing. In a positive way of course. The writing style is really easy-going, and it’s fun to read this book.

4. “Summarized Sahih Bukhari”                                                                   H02C-MedBukhari_3d

Many people might not know it, but instead of the massive volumes of Sahih Bukhari, there is this one book in which the Hadees have been compiled into, for all the repetitions that have been made in the original, this summarized book gives us all the material, but in a concise way. The Hadees are all as they have been quoted, but for numerous narrators for one Hadees, the Hadees has not been repeated. It is an easier way to read the Hadees and know the Prophet SAW.

5. “Misbah ul Quran” by Professor Abdur Rahman Tahir                              118960617_111

This is something people who understand Urdu will benefit from. An English version is also underway, but it is not completed yet I think. This guides you through the Quran word by word, and makes Quran so easy to understand! It gives one the guideline to the rules of Quranic Arabic and it is amazing how easy it is. Especially for people who know Urdu, a lot of the Arabic is strikingly similar to our own language. Even if you read a page everyday, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon. To really understand it, there are videos on this by the professor, available on Dailymotion. If you live in Lahore, go to Z block commercial area in Defence, there’s an excellent Islamic center on top of Gloria Jeans, called Al Wabil, and they give 9 day classes for just this. Be sure to go there one day, they have really good speakers and lectures.

I hope you liked the post and try to read some of the books I mentioned!


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    • No actually I haven’t read any of his works but thank you for the suggestion! I’ll try and look him up after I’m done with what I’m reading now. And no problem. I figured it’s good to share things on an intellectual level 🙂

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