The Riddle of the two moons

Pardon my absence folks I have had a few academic obligations I had to fulfill.

The following pdf please do take out ten minutes and read it through, it’s something that every Muslim should know but unfortunately doesn’t. Read it before Eid at least, and tell me if you do not agree, because it isn’t a small matter.

Once my dad mentioned this point to the guy who washes the cars in our street, and he replied with a rather funny answer,

“You’re right, sirji, in a way, for we all have the same moon.”

And to understand why he said that, you have to read the pdf I’ve put here below.

Ramadhan Moon

Criticisms welcome!


2 thoughts on “The Riddle of the two moons

    • I know same in Pakistan. It worries me too. So to stay safe we don’t fast the day any country might be celebrating eid because you know that’s prohibited. And we start the same day as any else too. And if you pay attention to the moon stages, it corresponds to this amazingly! Thanks for taking out the time to read this 😊may Allah guide us all


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