Grandfather folklore

To The Indian reverted Muslimah, I’m sorry this post has been due for a long time but I hope you like it!

My grandfather and I are lying on his bed, the ceiling fan whirring as it moves around in quick circles. It is almost midnight, but my grandfather is in a storytelling mood.

“I have an interesting one for you today”, he says.

I turn to face his wrinkled face, anticipation rising. “Go ahead, Dadabu, I love your stories.”

“Okay. A really, really long time ago, there was a very pious man. A man from Hazrat Musa’s nation. He wanted to make sure that his son would be well provided for after he died and so he thought of plan. He decided to release one of his calves into the jungle, and praying to Allah to help him with the plan, he hoped that the boy would find the calf when he grew into a mature man, and that the cow would help him financially to cater to his and his mother’s needs. So on his deathbed he prayed, “Oh Lord, I entrust my wife, my son, my calf and my belongings to You.”

The boy grew up. The youth was as pious as his father. He earned his living by cutting wood. Whatever he earned he divided into three equal portions: one he gave to his mother, one he used for his needs, and the last he gave as charity. His nights, too, were divided into three parts: during the early part of the night he helped his mother, the middle part he devoted to the worship of Allah, and during the last part he rested

The man had told his wife of what he had done, so that the wife could tell their son of the cow roaming the wild. When told, the son immediately made for the jungleย to lookย for the cow. He prostrated to Allah, and soon he had found the cow his father had left for him in the jungle. He led the cow by a rope, and the animal would not let anyone except the boy near it.

An interesting episode was happening right then. A rich person had died leaving all his money to his son, and the Israelites, being selfish and greedy, killed the son so they could have the money. The relatives of the boy went to Hazrat Musa (AS) and asked him to find the murderer. The prophet instructed them to slaughter a cow and place the tongue of the cow on the corpse. But the relatives thought he was joking. He said, “Allah forbid that I do so!”

So the relatives asked him what kind of cow, and he gave them a description.

“The cow is neither young nor old, but in between.”

They asked him, “What colour should it be?”

“Yellow in colour.”

They were still not satisfied, so they prodded him again. He replied, “It is an unyoked cow, it does not plow the soil nor water the tilth, and is entirely without marks.”

They went out in search of such a cow. The only one that fitted the description was the cow owned by the orphaned son. They offered a few gold coins at first, but the mother refused, saying the cow was worth more than that. They went on increasing their offer, but the mother did not accept. The people then urged the son to talk to his mother and make her reasonable. But the son was too obedient to do so, “I shall not sell it to you even if you fill it’s skin with gold without my mother’s consent.”

“Let that be the price”, the mother smiled, “It’s skin filled with gold.”

They had no other option than to pay the mentioned price, but the Israelites had brought the hardship upon themselves.”

I know most of us are familiar with the cow and the Israelites episode, but I didn’t know the background of the cow and thought it better to share!


6 thoughts on “Grandfather folklore

  1. Haha. Thank you. I am so humbled that you remembered me whilst writing this ๐Ÿ˜ I truly love Grandfather folklores! Amazing story ๐Ÿ™‚ there’s so much to learn from your grandpa! Keep posting and make a great series out of it. His knowledge indeed needs to be preserved. Lucky you!

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