Oh my God, folks, just stop it!

So it’s absolutely beautiful weather we had today alhamdullilah, where I live the heat can be cruel these few months and whenever the clouds come… it’s a massive sigh of relief. I just watched the last episode of Monk, can’t believe that cute OCD dude won’t be entertaining anymore, and Randy and Sharona? Whoa.

I’ll stop that now. So I’m in a better mood than I am otherwise, and I’m going to make all the girls (and guys who agree with me) even happier, for I’m sure every girl has been through what I shall write of, and it is SO frustrating.

Whenever a guy tends to walk nearby, I feel a ton of respect for him when his eyes are on the floor and not fixed to my hijabed self, gaze lowered and pure. And I’m sure others agree with me. No girl likes it when someone is staring at her, especially when she makes the effort to stay modest. No girl will appreciate that person, whatever the intelligence level and however good looking he might be. It’s just not right!

On the other hand, when a decent akhi realizes he has walked into a room where there’s one girl or a couple of them, and then decides to go outside or quickly does whatever he came for, he has no idea the amount of respect he has earned.

So addressing all those guys out there, Oh my God, folks, just stop it!

Not only is it completely unIslamic, but ethically it isn’t something acceptable either. Why does a man defend his sister or daughter when someone seems to look at them? Because it isn’t socially acceptable.

We’re not things put up for display. We have our respect and alhamdullilah we have been blessed with a status. I believe it beneath that to gawk at somebody. Somebody who’s not mahram either. And yes I believe we should cover but men should observe some modesty, too, because Islam is a fair religion. Women are as much human as men, and hence should not be hailed as products. I suppose everyone’s aware of how that is commercially true, but we need to root out the evil in ourselves to absolutely end it.

Then, my brothers, when you say “I want the perfect wife whose life has been decently and purely spent” and you yourself are guilty of undecent acts, all I can think is “Oh please stop! Stop this injustice this very moment!”

Of course, girls aren’t completely innocent either, nobody is. But today I wanted to address the male population and plead my case: stop staring!

So basically, I want to say, when a guy strives to keep his gaze lowered, and it must be hard for them since they’re so used to it, know that I’m smiling at the purity of his soul. And I’m not the only one smiling.

Allah is smiling at him too, and what else could you possibly want?


9 thoughts on “Oh my God, folks, just stop it!

  1. Men have conveniently ignored the command of lowering their gaze. But what people need to realize is that, lowering their gaze goes hand in hand with women covering themselves and EQUALLY stressed upon. But over time that was brushed under the pretense of women being so damn alluring that they can’t resist. Why? are you a fucking animal who can’t control your eyes yet expect women to control their EVERYTHING? And I absolutely hate men who’ll give themselves the pleasure of feasting their eyes on a woman, covered or not and then impose the fault of immorality on them.

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    • Exactly! I hate it when you hear moulwis telling women to do their purdah properly but absolutely forget the essential fact that although yes, women should stay modest, it’s not allowed for men to stare at them either! But, you see, I don’t know how we’re going to be rid of it. I hope soon, and I hope we can work our part to make that happen as soon as possible!
      It was nice to hear from you šŸ™‚

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  2. Well said sister Alhamdhulillah here in Saudhi where I live, there is not many ppl staring at me when i am in decent places like the malls, but in other places like the souques it is just sooo disturbing and I choose to wear my niqab then.

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