The lucky last

I called this the lucky last because we are the last ummah, and are lucky because Allah has not punished us the way others before us were punished. They were severely punished for one crime, and for us a single act of vice means nothing anymore. Maybe we were told their stories to make us realize how every sin counts, but eventually at the end, the best thing is we can be forgiven! 🙂

One of the earliest prophets was Nuh,

Preached for years to that unyielding crew,

And although his followers gradually grew,

They were only the poor few.

So God upon them water threw,

And saved the ones who believed and knew.

To Ad, went the prophet Hud to make them realize,

Only in the hereafter lay the real prize,

It didn’t matter each was blessed with powerful size,

But the condemned him, ridiculing those “lies”,

For eight days, seven nights, all one could hear were howls and cries,

Lay as hollow stumps of palms, for they hadn’t been wise.

To Thamud, prophet Salih went to call,

Towards reality, before they’d fall,

The famous she-camel, a test for all,

Murdered her they did, for their minds had hit a wall,

And before they knew it, before they could stall,

A Great Blast had consumed them all.

Prophet Lut preached to the unguided town,

But they didn’t listen, all they did was frown,

He said it’d be better to be straight or they’d drown.

So it was, their city was turned upside down,

Pelted with stones, they surely lost their crown,

Prophet Lut unhappily left that town.

Madyan People! Oh, stop this corrupt trading,

Spoke the Prophet Shuayb, his voice never fading,

But his efforts were futile for that aiding,

And an earthquake came raiding.

He preached to the People of the Thicket, too, honest grading,

But in their arrogance, they kept parading,

Eventually, the Shadow of Death had them wading.


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