The perks of leaving your homeland (unless absolutely necessary, of course)

Everything I write in this post is for people who have always wanted to live in some country abroad. People who have always lived there are aware of what goes on there. They have their social circles too, and they know how to live there. So I’d just like to address this basically to us complexed Asians.
“Why don’t you move to the U.K.?” People ask my dad when they find out my family background, it’s not that astounding, really, but yes it’s certainly different than normal folks. Although I am Pakistani, and glad to be living a good life here Alhamdulillah, I have another nationality because my grandfather from my mum’s side moved to the U.K. to work after partition. After my mum got married, she moved here, to Pakistan, and is happy till today.
No, my dad does not move to the U.K. and why should he? He has a good job and is able to support a pretty decent living, he has no social issues, he has family and friends and he is able to help us grow in our own culture, with all the traditional values of respect, honour, hospitality and all that. Yet even people who have all these things think our family slightly strange as we do not move to a foreign country when my dad has been given such a good chance to.
I’ll tell you why.
Living in a foreign country such as the U.K. or the States isn’t the dream people think it is. Yes, if you can, do go for a holiday as they are still internationally interesting places, but to move from the safe haven of your own country and to a place so different from where you have grown up, where you will always be considered second grade citizens no matter what, is slightly strange itself, don’t you think?
Yes, Pakistan respects you way more than any other country will. And don’t even get me started on how the Arabs pure seem to hate us.
Okay. Then, we have social evils. Social evils which have sprung up because of the so called ‘freedom’ of the individual. What kind of freedom, though, if it eventually eats up the freedom of peace for others? Yup, the word freedom loses its charms when it’s misused. And if you live in the U.K., your own parents can’t stop you. Child Protection Agencies and all that stuff will actually come to your door and even throw you into jail if your child reports you to have been abusing him in any way possible.
The school my cousin went to committed a most disgusting act. They gave diaries to the kids and told them to write everything that went on at home without telling the parents. These entries would then be read and analysed, and the school had the right to take away kids whom they thought were not being brought up in the right atmosphere.
Social evils, I think, is something we’re all too familiar with. And when you’re so surrounded by them, it’s harder to stay away from them. It’s tough when you don’t get to go everywhere and do everything the people around you do, because you are restricted, either religiously or culturally, because the culture instilled in us does give us a moral direction. I know it’s hard here too, but at least we folks have some people who are like us.
Then, no matter what anyone says about religious tolerance and freedom, it does NOT exist completely. You still might be attacked if you wear a hijab, you will be called names if you’re religious. It doesn’t end on religion either, the materialism factor has soared sky high. If you’re fat, you’re made fun of, if you can’t afford the very new shoes, you’re an object of mockery, if you’re different in a new way, you will be ridiculed.
And although it saddens me to see people here are also starting to be influenced by all the negativity of the West, at least folks here have the respect to listen to their parents and the old and ancient of the family. At least there is still some family structure, they, and I feel sorry for those who live in those Western countries, they have lost the basic family structure.
Folks are spiritually empty, though, and due to that they grow selfish. The good thing which has emerged is that they are looking for their purpose to life, and a significant part of the population converts to Islam annually.
Yes, there are a lot of opportunities there, and there is a lot going all there all the time, but if you’re living a good life here, then trust me you will be happier in your own land, who’s customs and traditions have brought you up.
If you leave this country, you don’t only leave your country, you leave your family, your home, your friends and many who are probably dependent on you. So before you make a decision like that, think of everything before coming to a conclusion. Don’t accuse anyone if they’re not making use of what seems to be an opportunity.
I’ve written about some of the basic problems, but know that this world had problems everywhere. There is no such thing as the perfect country.
Be glad you’re Pakistani, because it’s a pretty cool place to live in! Pakistan Zindabad!


23 thoughts on “The perks of leaving your homeland (unless absolutely necessary, of course)

        • From what I have heard the cultures are very similar sister. I have another friend from Pakistan. Alhamdulillah I met her through my blog too. It is from her that I learnt the maximum about Pakistan.

          Oh of course, we have a Pakistani channel airing shows in India. Though I am not very fond of TV and avoid it but my mother is indeed a fan 🙂 I must admit , it was only last week that I did once sit through a serial solely to analyse Pakistani culture. Sabki ladli Laraib ? People are similar to each other sisters. The culture is very alike India.

          The thoughts, food, government etc… Typical of south Asian nations. Whether it is sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal or india- there is a south Asian wave!


        • Yes i suppose that’s true. We do actually have similar cultures, since we do belong to the same land eventually. But I’m glad I live in Pakistan and not India, I’ve heard it isn’t as easy being a Muslim and that it’s tougher for Muslims to get higher positions professionally? Is that true?
          Then, people say Pakistan is cleaner than India, is there really a lot of poverty and slums and pollution there?
          And does the average person hate Pakistan or are they neutral now? (You know the history)
          And, how do they teach history when it comes to Partition?
          I know long ‘comment’ but it’s about the only way right now 😀
          I would love your feedback! (although I sounded so commercial at the very end)


        • As salamu alai kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sister,

          Is that how India is portrayed in Pakistan? 🙂 All I can do is smile. India, my sister, is a secular country. People here enjoy freedom of religion as a fundamental right granted by the constitution. 🙂

          Well, about attaining high positions, the most loved president of India was a Muslim (APJ Abdul Kalam). You would like to read about him. He indeed was a pleasant and very educated personality.

          Though I am not a Bollywood fan, but the most loved and popular actors of the film industry (Bollywood) are all Muslims. In fact, the only music director from the Indian subcontinent (comprised of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangadesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan) to win the Oscar ( and the best India has) is a Muslim revert (A R Rahman).

          On a personal level, as for the civilians, I have seen educated people around me being very courteous to each other irrespective of religion sister. My class had just 1 Muslim girl but she was as much a part of our group as anyone else. That one Muslim in my life marked the beginning of my search on Islam which ended with me becoming a Muslim. 🙂

          Of course, in any state when there are multiple races, there are bound to be elements who promote disharmony. It is on a person how they treat another. A higher caste Hindu may treat a lower caste Hindu with disrespect, a sunni may treat a shia with disrespect and similarly any particular person may treat anyone according to his thought process. Wethem cannot generalise an entire population based on that. On the other hand, the same hindu, if he chooses to, may treat the other Hindu with respect and a sunni may treat a shia with respect.

          India houses 10.9% Muslims in the world. Just 3rd after Pakistan (having 11%). That wouldn’t be possible for 67 years without Harmony and brotherhood.

          A basic taboo I agree is there for Muslims all over the world. And I believe it is a fault of people on both ends. On one hand it is certain extremist elements of our own ummah (or at least who claim to be from our ummah) who partake in terrorist activities and defame Muslims. It is because of them that civil Muslims all over the world face problems in issues as simple as finding a d house to live in. On the other hand, it is the people who doubt and mistreat every Muslim at par with the terrorists.

          It is only we who can give Dawah and introduce Islam in a better way by our conduct. The practising Muslims of India are definitely on it sisters and have got the due respect from their fellow counterparts of other religions. India indeed is a successful democracy with a stable government. Not just like that is it said to be the next superpower in the world 🙂

          About poverty and cleanliness sister, a simple google search with terms like “dirtiest countries in the world”, ” countries most unsafe for women”, “most unsafe countries in the world”, ” poorest countries in the world” etc., will help us analyse better with proper data rather than hearsay. 🙂

          I really have no personal idea whether India is better or Pakistan, because I have not seen Pakistan with my own eyes. Alhamdulillah, I hope and pray my Muslim brothers and sisters there have an easy time practising their deen in the best way since it is a Islamic nation. I hope and pray that every Pakistani sister of mine can live with respect and dignity wearing her hijab and abaya. I pray that every brother there has the confidence to wear his pants above his ankles and sport a beard. That irrespective of school and office, no momin misses his salah there. That the muslim nation gets honest upright stable leaders in the government in the lines of our Caliphs Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (radiallahu anhum). May there be no Muslim there or anyone on earth killing another man, may the true nation of peace, honesty and prosperity rise as was there in the time of our Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasallam). And may Pakistan be the first nation to establish that by the virtue of being the most popular Muslim nation in the world.

          An average person is the same everywhere sister. Same emotions of love, hate, respect, fear, admiration etc , is harboured within. An average person understands that a Pakistani on that side of the land would be same as me- a human. Why would any man with common sense want to harm anyone else? Be he of any religion.

          Even though I know the history, I am a little disappointed at your question where you say “does an average person hate Pakistan or are they neutral?” . I find the third element of love or like missing. I am an average Indian sister, my username puts Indian and then revert. And here I am speaking to you , appreciating your posts, admiring your talent and reading your grandpa folklores wide eyed!

          A few days back, another sister ( I like to refer her as my mother in Islam more since she is much older) commented on my blog correcting certain mistakes of mine as a muslimah. She did it with love and I accepted it with love. (Blog name- Just bliss, author Tanveer Rauf). She is a Pakistani. I told you in my previous post about another Pakistani friend I have who is now in Dubai. I have had extensive conversation with her about India and Pakistan. So it is about humanity sister. If we know the history, we also know that it was political.

          And I believe, after seeing some interviews of celebrities ( sportsmen, politicians and artists) that Pakistanis per se do not harbour anti feelings for India. In fact so many come here for better exposure of their talent. Alhamdulillah.

          History is taught as it is. Based on pure facts and not opinions. Children are not brainwashed at all sister against Pakistan. Rest assured. 🙂 an Indian and Pakistani, when they meet in The UK or the US, become Asians. Haha. That’s what I hear from most Indian friends who have been there or live there.

          As for me, I am a revert muslimah, whose Hindu parents have loved her irrespective of this change. I am a fan of ustadh nouman Ali khan and maulana tareeq jameel. Where are they from? 🙂 Also mufti menk. Where is he from? (Zimbabwe .). Just to make a point that it is okay. Indians are very accommodating and we love all 🙂

          I hope that answers you sister.

          May Allah always reward you and bless you in every way. May you get the best in dunya and akhirah.

          Your Indian Sister

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        • Wow thankyou for taking out the time and replying to my questions. You see, we don’t harbour much negativity, but there is always that curiosity. I don’t believe every individual to be the same, yes, and I am glad you’ve told me what you have. It’s just that, it’s not only “hearsay” you see, we know people who have gone through things. Disturbing things. But I am glad it is starting to change. That now there is that certain broadmindedness and tolerance which should’ve been there all along.
          So despite the incidences I’ve heard of, I am happy it isn’t as bad. And one day I hope we can actually live as peacefully as anything 🙂
          I didn’t mean whether schools brainwashed kids on the history thing, though, because every country is partial to itself, and seldom would we find history not distorted, however minor the change might be.
          So yes we have to visit each others countries to see for ourselves what the differences really are!
          Jazakallah! It’s lovely talking to you.


        • as salamu alai kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sister,

          Incidents, crimes and racism is a fact of today’s politics. It is not right , it is immoral but it is there all around, in every nation. I am sure no nation (neither India nor pakistan nor any other country) is free from race-creed-religion induced crimes. Where some European countries are passing laws against niqab, in Australia muslims are being shot, in India some nun is being raped and in Pakistan some school kids are being ruthlessly killed. These are not nice people who do this sister. These are extreme elements of society to try to oppress the helpless minority. Do we like it when muslims all around the world are treated with prejudice due to terrorist organisations in some south asian countries? It is unfair that all Asians are discriminated due to this. No it is not.

          Similarly it is not right to have prejudice against other communities for what some elements of their societies do. The truth lies that irrespective of everything Islam remains the most tabooed religion, though in my eyes it is the most beautiful religion. If every person believed the impression some people with Muslim names have given, there wouldn’t be anyone accepting Islam. 🙂

          I believe it is best to experience and know people first hand than believe an opinion someone else holds. There sure might have been terrible things you have heard about India. Maybe. I don’t claim India to be crime free nor do I claim for it to be clean as UK or a developed nation. It is a developing nation and a secular state.

          As I said, about ranks in poverty or whether it is as clean as Pakistan or as pollution free, crime free etc. a google search of UN rankings will provide a better data based analysis sister. Honestly I never gave a thought unless you actually asked and I googled 🙂

          Sister, if you are in two minds please feel free to ask me more personally. My email ID is

          Stay blessed.


        • I think you misunderstood the hearsay part. I didn’t use the term hearsay with whatever experience or incidents you tell about India. Maybe personally someone might have experienced some discrimination. I used the hearsay term for your statement that India is not as clean as Pakistan or that there is more poverty. Thus, requested you to check the global rankings since I do not know about Pakistan. Sure India is not very clean or rich. Don’t about whether it is cleaner or richer. 🙂 also, i personslly do not know a person who has seen both india and pakistan so i havent got an analysis either sis. online data will help in that.


        • Oh no it’s okay I only asked because that’s what my uncle told me because he’s seen both.
          But thank you so much for having this talk with me! 🙂 It was lovely. You know that “across the border” curiosity.


  1. ما شاء الله both of your are so eloquent and intelligent ما شاء الله. I actually began reading through all of those comments because I was learning so much about your respective countries and was in ore of your eloquence. May Allah keep you both steadfast in goodness and overlook your faults. اللهم آمين

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  2. This was a really interesting blog, I’ve always wondered why my so many ‘Muslims’ migrate from the Muslims lands, to the lands of kufr (disbelief). I know that there are a lot of issues regarding innovation (bi’dâ) in these countries, and that often the religion comes second to culture, or they mix the two; which must be really frustrating for the brothers and sisters who put Qur’an and Sunnah first before anything everything. Many of them say that the Deen is better practiced here in the UK for instance, but I’ve always wondered whether that’s what they say just to make themselves feel better about the fact that they left the Muslim lands solely to make more money, not for the sake of Allah. It was really refreshing to see a sister speaking positively about her predominately Muslim oriented home land, rather than the negativity you tend to hear. You made a lot of very strong cases and I agreed with them all. Very good.


    • Thank you so much! I was thinking what people would think about the post and I’m so glad the response is positive😊 yes the bida’ah are always frustrating but alhamdullilah as the awareness increases, we find more like minded people especially in my generation. But I suppose there will always be something wrong all over! All we can do is patiently wait for Jannah inshallah 😀

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      • Yes it certainly seems as though our generation are becoming more and more aware of the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet, having this knowledge exposes the many innovations that culture/tradition has played in corrupting not only our practice but our understanding of the Deen; this is a very positive thing and a necessary component if we’re to ever become a successful ummah again. May we all be increased in knowledge and wisdom. Ameen

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