The Act of Letting Go

Money, grades, love, hate, social pressures and what not governs our lives and the stress we undergo. Every day, our fathers come home from work, tired and exhausted from all the burdens they must bear to support a decent living, and our mothers run around, perspiring to the point of dehydration. We have issues with our friends and relatives, our teachers, the cleaning lady, neighbours, politicians, the community as a whole and even with our self. It’s surprising the amount of stress we put on ourselves without even meaning to or without the want or need for it!
But as Muslims, we have it easier. We have it wayeasier. Not only do we get every solution from the Book Allah sent us and the Prophet (SAW)’s life, we also have the rope to Allah Himself. Once we start letting go of all the things we try to juggle whilst holding that rope, our life will become so much more bearable.
We’re told that everything belongs to Allah and that everything happens according to how He wills it to be. So why do we then worry so much? Why do we load ourselves with every problem in the world when there isn’t much we can do just worrying there? I am NOT discouraging people from working hard, just saying, we have to let go, understand and accept that it all happens how He wants it to.
So let go! Let go of your social worries, let go of your financial worries, let go of your obsessive need to get higher in this world. Once we start letting go, easing off all that steam, everyone becomes happier, and so nobody’s depressed over the trivial things in life.
Love Allah and know He’s there, leave it to Him because He knows best, we don’t, and it’s useless thinking we might ever. Let go of status, let go of style, stay simple, stay decent. Keep your inner being satisfied. Slowly, it won’t matter to anyone that they belong to a certain circle. Islam is about brotherhood and fraternity, and the first thing we need to teach ourselves is to LET GO!
Start today. Let go of something you knowdoesn’t matter. Write it down. Make realistic aims and goals and strive for them without the thought of what will everyone think. And believe me you’ll have the happiest ending of your lot!


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