Mama! Look at the sky!

It was around eight in the evening, as we waited for my father and brother to come home from Isha so we could leave for my grandfather’s house, that I heard the most tremendous noise. It sounded sinister to my ears, and with panic rushing through my blood, I quickly walked to the back door to see what was going on outside. My mother was calm, she assured it wasn’t anything, but living in situations as today, my mind raced away and wreaked all sorts of havoc and disaster. I opened the door and ran outside in my socks, and looked up at the sky to see if there were any signs of an anomaly. Circling around the garden, I saw to my relief that all was actually calm and everything was at peace. The crickets were on with their noise, the stars were shining above, TVs played from our neighbours’ houses, the streetlights shone onto the dark road. Nothing was out of order.
Until I heard the noise again. It was like a blast, but a furtive blast, a quick rapid blast succeeded by many more. It suddenly dawned on me what the cause of it was.
“Fireworks! It’s fireworks!’’ I called to my mum inside, who also came out to see what I was jumping about for.
“It is indeed!” She sighed as she saw the different colours from behind a massive tree. I tried to get around the tree but to no avail, I eventually ran into the house and burst through the front door onto the road, where the spectacle seemed even more beautiful now that it was clearer. I sighed. It was so pretty.
Soon, my mum and my sister followed, and we stood gazing at the fireworks in the middle of the road. We were joined by an elderly couple who silently pointed out the various colours to each other. The fireworks danced in the sky, going about in different directions, pursuing different paths and then dying out slowly after the climax of their short, but bright lives. They were so splendidly adorable, only because they lighted up the sky for a couple of minutes and let us sink into that daze that it spreads around, happy with the celebratory shrieks it made. The chill crept into my feet, but I stood my ground, it’s not often when you get to see fireworks outside your very house.
I don’t exactly know why we enjoy them so much, but whenever they decide to show up, I know what I’m going to do.

Leave it all and run towards the beauty.

15 thoughts on “Mama! Look at the sky!

  1. Oh just one small thing I want to make clear. :3
    Sometimes I just (in little time( I LIKE alot of things…I don’t mean to spam you,it is just that I don’t always get the time to read so when I do I read like 5 poemsat once. XD
    MashaAllah you’ve got alot of posts on the blog that I haven’t yet read.
    Keep writing!

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