Harsh Hearts

Striving to continuously cope,
In a world where the heartless reign,
I try to extend my sphere of hope,
And allow His Bounty Rain.
I’ve been pushed off the ledge at times,
And stomped over by the crowds,
Accused of the most heinous crimes,
Only because I promoted Your love.
I try to live the way You say,
Lonely, but mercifully content,
I await the ark to anchor at Your bay,
And slowly see the dawn of what I dreamt.
Harsh hearts made me brutally suffer,
And mocked the way I behaved,
I broke down, though turned up tougher,
Oh Lord, the cost of being Your slave.
I know it’s worth it, in the end,
Those spiteful fingers, jeers, words,
But I stayed strong, I wouldn’t bend,
Finally immune to those malicious herds.

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