Your town is where I long to live

Take my hand,
Let’s fly over the moon,
My feet on this burning sand,
Run smiling for you,
I’ve learned to take a stand,
So fear no betrayal,
I was empty and bland,
But not anymore, no.

Take my hand,
I’ve waited too long,
I’ve walked through the fire,
But it’s made me tough and strong,
I need your answer, acceptance,
So I can make it through this throng,
I need your mercy,
So I don’t go on wrong.

My accomplice, be my friend,
Stay around till the end,
To you I’ll devotedly tend,
No lie is what I’ve penned.

Do not disappoint, do not drown,
You shall always hail the crown,
But I’ve been up, I’ve been down,
And I forever see your town.


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