Pakistani, you think?

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It makes us feel proud, doesn’t it, when we hear that? Adrenaline rushes through our veins as we see the Pakistani flag unfurled. What about when we see the Iraqi or the Syrian flag unfurled? No, we don’t feel proud then, that’s not our country. This is ours, we got our independence 67 years ago, we’re happy. But Jinnah didn’t build Pakistan so we’d be confined to its borders; he designed it so we could have a base from whence to work for the entire ummah. To not be afraid of opening the borders and stretch them as far as they would go to shelter anyone who needs it. Jinnah’s idea was not nationalism, it was identity.
About nationalism the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Leave it, it is rotten.”
Why not be independent from these chains we’ve created, crush these divisions. That’s the vision Iqbal had, Jinnah strove for. We’ve achieved independence from the Hindus; let’s now aim to achieve independence from borders. We don’t need them, and we were fine without them.
            We’ve been given a rare chance,
            Our power to enhance,
            God gave us land, He made us free,
            To carve out a greater destiny,
            We’re at the station; it’s time to set out,
            Our purpose, our aim, to shout,
            Don’t confine yourself to invisible cages,
            Jump out of these man-made stages,
            Anywhere, everywhere, we stay one wall,
            Each brick adds to make us tall,
            God’s soldiers have no boundaries,
            Look inside, you’ll find the keys,
            Break free from these self made chains,
            You’ll feel relieved from many pains,
            We don’t have Pakistan for no reason,
            To do nothing now would be treason,
            There’s still independence left to fight for,
            At the end, we’ll win this war,
            This state wasn’t achieved for us to sit down,
            We still need to get the diamond to our crown,
            Let’s strive for freedom once more,
            It’s the need to our innermost core,
            Reach out to Syria, Palestine, Libya, Kashmir,
            Pakistan is the name of no fear.

Forever perfect

It’s proper lovely weather we’re having these days, the kind of weather one wishes for and perhaps imagines only in dreams or heaven. But now, the cool winds and cloudy skies make me fancy I’m somehow living in a fairytale. A fairytale where the weather is absolutely perfect – where it’s never too hot and never too cold, where the air itself seeps into one’s body and soothes it down, chasing out any worries and anxieties of the time. It’s the kind of atmosphere one wishes one could have all the time, that grandiose aura enriching the happy mood of the house. The birds sing, and the trees dance, the leaves play a soft music and blend into this beautifully synchronized melody with the soft gales.
A twitch at the back of my mind though, a tiny twitch that seems to grow larger and larger till it encompasses my entire being and knocks me down into a valley of despair and discomfort. My wary eyes dart to the sides, my hands stay balled up waiting for the impending disaster, the disaster that would once and for all devour me whole.
Nothing really happened, though, nothing happened physically that is. But if we go deeper, dig into the complex folds of human mentality, we see that is exactly how we live every single day. In a trance does everything else pass by as we watch in confusion as to what reality is. It’s like a rollercoaster, a rollercoaster ride that ends before you realize what happened to the days you passed by.
But that’s only the case if you jump onto the rollercoaster, for it takes you into the very heart of the world, where people stuck now feel abandoned and in their desolation curse the moment they decided to take the fatal ride. The constant attention to detail of all things that do not matter when you give them a thought is what eats these people up.
We’re lucky. Lucky in the way that we do not need to take the rollercoaster. We know we were sent here for a very tiny amount of time, a time that was to be spent as God told us to, and that even for this time He sent us every good thing we have today. He sent us excerpts of Jannah, so we know what we are looking forward to. But to find those excerpts, we need to let the mind let go. Let go of those incoherent fashionable statements, that greed and hunger, that want but not need.
For the time we let go, Allah shall hold us up and keep us going. Then can we look forward to the kind of perfect weather forever, because the realization that this is temporary will keep us going, keep us fighting.
I sit by my window and enjoy the weather peacefully, I’m not stuck in that dark abyss of actual nothingness, I am at peace with the world because I’ve let it go. It can go wherever it wants, because when I let go I fall into His hands, and His hands shall take me to a place which I shall happily call my abode, the abode that was always destined for us.

Harsh Hearts

Striving to continuously cope,
In a world where the heartless reign,
I try to extend my sphere of hope,
And allow His Bounty Rain.
I’ve been pushed off the ledge at times,
And stomped over by the crowds,
Accused of the most heinous crimes,
Only because I promoted Your love.
I try to live the way You say,
Lonely, but mercifully content,
I await the ark to anchor at Your bay,
And slowly see the dawn of what I dreamt.
Harsh hearts made me brutally suffer,
And mocked the way I behaved,
I broke down, though turned up tougher,
Oh Lord, the cost of being Your slave.
I know it’s worth it, in the end,
Those spiteful fingers, jeers, words,
But I stayed strong, I wouldn’t bend,
Finally immune to those malicious herds.

Your town is where I long to live

Take my hand,
Let’s fly over the moon,
My feet on this burning sand,
Run smiling for you,
I’ve learned to take a stand,
So fear no betrayal,
I was empty and bland,
But not anymore, no.

Take my hand,
I’ve waited too long,
I’ve walked through the fire,
But it’s made me tough and strong,
I need your answer, acceptance,
So I can make it through this throng,
I need your mercy,
So I don’t go on wrong.

My accomplice, be my friend,
Stay around till the end,
To you I’ll devotedly tend,
No lie is what I’ve penned.

Do not disappoint, do not drown,
You shall always hail the crown,
But I’ve been up, I’ve been down,
And I forever see your town.