Cupped Hands

Standing like a firm tree between walls,
Hovering around for me to float in,
Is Your love, so overpowering,
By which I stand today and say,
That He is up there, up there yet all around,
Without Him would be to be exiled,
Without Him would be to be nothing,
It’s Your love I follow around,
My eyes big as they search hungrily,
For that drink of which I have luckily sipped,
That drink which I tasted from Your cupped hands,
How do I forget now?
How do I resist?
This game interests me no more,
For my heart is all red and sore,
I shall bathe in Your cupped hands now,
How can I not wish for that?
This game interests me no longer,
I can see too clearly beyond,
I have immersed myself in You.