Open Doors

I know I’m not worthy of You,
But know that I sincerely love You,
I beg You, keep me at Your bay,
Don’t let this world ever have a say,
Keep my hand in Yours,
Open to me all Your doors,
Take me out of this stormy sea,
Show me the golden key,
I’m tired and worn out,
I can’t even shout,
I need You to make me strong,
Save me from what is wrong,
Take me up to Your throne,
Where it’s You and I, all alone,
I don’t have the power, don’t have the will,
But I’m counting on You after each hill,
I don’t know where to go, where to hide,
Only in You do I actually confide,
I feel like I’m breaking, I need Your support,
I believe in only justice from Your court,
Keep me with You, eternally and always,
Take me to where love forever stays.

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